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Early Glue Badder

from Greenfellas Cannabis

"Not for the greenhorns, this concentrate does pack a heavy high."

In the Cannabis world, our region of New England has always been an underdog. The reality is that we have some of the best growers and breeders, and some of the finest strains obtainable – with Maine on the forefront of our Cannabis scene for years. Nowadays you can find locally-grown cultivars, as well as single-source rosin and hydrocarbon extractions sold at local dispensaries. And here recently, I was  fortunate enough to get my hands on some of Greenfellas Cannabis Company’s Early Glue badder. 

First of all, the type of jar you decide to use for your concentrate can really make it stand out. Goodfellas went for the square bottom and lid, which I liked better for grip, as each one has a safety lock. The Goodfellas logo is clean and sleek, sporting a silhouette of a gangster with a fedora and a green capital letter G. They have their Instagram tag, 21+ warning labels and everything in compliance with Maine state law. 

Upon inspection, I was taken aback by the beautiful yellowish color and mouth-watering terpiness of the wet badder, which is one of my all-time favorite concentrate consistencies and nine times out of ten what I prefer. Properly made, this specific extract is what a patient should be spending their money on. With the name Early Glue, I was expecting something gassy and was not disappointed. Although this badder leans more on the sweet, candy side of the gas spectrum to me, with under-funk’s of pine and light notes of sour, it passed the test. 

Tasting this concentrate is a delight – palate-coating but not pungent, if you know what I mean. Early Glue’s flavor matches the scent and I would suggest a cold start dab for optimal flavor. My palate experienced more of the sweet profile as I previously mentioned, but still held a slightly reminiscent terpene profile of a true Gorilla Glue lineage.   

Not for the greenhorns, this concentrate does pack a heavy high. I’d avoid the wake and bake if you don’t want to feel a little too stoned. As the seasons change, I tend to suffer through a lot of chronic pain, so this benefited me quite a bit throughout a few days of workouts. Long lasting effects and a positive, heightened mood were both noticeable and much appreciated!

Lab Results

Cannabinoid | Weight % | Concentration (mg/g) 

D9-THC | 2.54 | 25.45

THCV | 0.582 | 5.82

CBG |  | 0.44 | 44.2

THCA | 77.06 | 770.60

CBDA | 0.22 | 2.19

CBGA | 0.79 | 7.91

Total | 81.06 | 810.57

Max THC | 70.13 | 701-27

Max CBD | .19 | 1.92

Cannabinoids (wt%) 77.1%

Greenfellas Cannabis: 9 Renaissance Way Suite #1 Sanford, ME 04073

greenfellascannabis.com | @greenfellasco

This article was originally published in the November 2020 issue of Northeast Leaf.

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