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Lava Palms by Pakalolo Supply Co and Midnight Sun Concentrates

from Midnight Sun Concentrates

A four-strain, multi-faceted high that melts the mind and body turning the headiest stoner into a puddle of lava.

Much like a volcano bubbling over with the heat of fire inside, these infused palm blunts are bursting with concentrates that deliver an explosion of stoniness – turning the headiest stoner into a puddle of lava on the couch.

It’s nice to take a break from dabbing and still have the concentrate effect by smoking an infused joint or blunt, which delivers a completely different buzz than the typical dab. A twist on the delicious palm blunts that Pakalolo has been offering for years, these infused Lava Palms are dosed heavily with Midnight Sun Concentrates for a completely new smoking experience.

The buzz all starts with the construction, which is more of an art than any other form of Cannabis smoking. The palms are filled with a blend of Lilikoi Haze flower and a quarter gram of Black Mamba oil, which causes the internals of the palm to burn slowly and evenly. The outside is painted in Super Silver Haze oil, which provides a sticky surface to be rolled in the Peach Crescendo kief. The oil and kief on the outside provide a heavy concentrate layer that will both melt into the palm and deliver smoke at the same time, creating a layered smoking experience that drops huge lava-style hits. Each puff will contain smoke from the flower, oils and kief, delivering a four-strain, multi-faceted high that melts the mind and body as surely as a lava flow hitting the ocean in a smokey, majestic experience.

Popping a palm into the mouth feels boss-like, with an elegant style that can only come from smoking a blunt. Lighting the lava palm is best done slowly to ensure the flower and palm are smoking evenly before hitting the painted outside. The middle half or so of the joint is painted, so the first few tokes are lighter and deliver a tropical, sweet passion fruit flavor that quickly becomes hazy and heavy, as the oil and kief add to the inhale for a sweet, skunky and heavy exhale.

Burning through one of these blunts is a commitment, in both time and how ridiculously high you will be by the end. Our review duo spent a good 20 minutes passing the palm back and forth, slowly smoking while quickly getting triple-baked. The concentrates blend into the flower, delivering a melting mind and body high that turns the head into a 20-pound bowling ball atop a jellied body. Couch-lock and giggles take over, as the crucial question of what to eat when the blunt is done lingers in the background. Perfect for group parties or an ambitious party of one, these infused Lava Palms blend the best of the joint and concentrate experience into tropical perfection.

This article was originally published in the May 2021 issue of Alaska Leaf.

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