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Wizard Milk Live Rosin

from Hiker Trash Cannabis Co.

There’s a distinct juiciness to the texture that's incredibly appealing – including puddles of terp-juice in the corner.

Once again, I found myself traveling along the rolling hills and green pastures of Maine’s backwoods trying to find some comfort in the springtime air. Knowing that Maine has some of the best extractions in our region, I went on a mission to acquire some serious terps. 

Fortunately, I was able to get my hands on some of the elusive Hiker Trash full spectrum live rosin. I’ve encountered Hiker Trash Cannabis Co. in the past and appreciated their in-depth knowledge of genetics – they know what’s hot and what’s not. I respect their ability to predict future terpene trends and their palate for strains is quite similar to mine. 

Grown in-house, their single-source, small-batch flower is fruited to absolute perfection. With entire rooms reserved just for creating and collecting resin, Hiker Trash is surely keen on quality. This really shows in their concentrates, which check off every box on the list.  

Hiker Trash just upgraded to a brand new logo with a sleek insignia but is subtle on the marketing side. Presented simply, their concentrate is stored in plain glass jars with a black cap covered by their logo. Underneath the jar, I was able to find the strain name, which read Wizard Milk. I came to find out that this cultivar is very unique to Maine, being a cross of CookieMaine from The Captains Connection, Wizard Punch, and Green Team Genetics’ Milkbone. Hiker Trash rosin is cold-cured in a temperature-controlled storage unit until they begin to see terpene separation, which is when they start whipping or mixing until it reaches its final form. 

Observers will truly appreciate the light yellow color of Wizard Milk live rosin. Obviously a wet badder, there’s a distinct juiciness to the texture that is incredibly appealing – including little puddles of terp-juice in the corner. Upon application to my dabber, the texture was rich and creamy, spinning like caramel when at room temperature. Wizard Milk’s scent is sweet like cereal milk, but there’s also notes of citrus candy akin to Lemonheads. 

Venturing out in Maine’s dense forest was the perfect honeycomb hideaway for me to relax and really explore the medicinal value of this strain. A heavy head change hit first, with a slight chilling effect down the limbs – a true treat to medicate with in the glistening sunshine. 

You can find Hiker Trash Cannabis Co. at local seshes in Maine and distributed to Kind Guy in Biddeford. You can also reach out to them on Instagram with any questions about genetics, technique, or to find out about upcoming rosin drops! 

Web: hikertrashcannabis.com | @hikertrashcannabisco

This article was originally published in the June 2021 issue of Northeast Leaf.

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