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Coming Soon To Vegas: Cannabis Consumption Lounges

These marijuana-consumption lounges, opening in 2023, will work a lot like bars. Well, except they won't serve alcohol

Green Rush

High rollers, get ready! Nevada on Wednesday will randomly pick 20 applicants to receive provisional state licenses to open Cannabis consumption lounges, reports the Las Vegas Review Journal.

During a 10-day period in October, the state received 79 viable applications for the limited number of independent licenses it will issue, according to the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board. Ten of the licenses will go to applicants negatively impacted by marijuana prohibition before Nevada legalized the herb in 2016.

Two drawings will winnow the applications to 39 independent applicants, and 20 “social equity” applicants, according to the board.

The license holders will be determined by a “random number selector,” which essentially is a computerized lottery.

The chosen applicants will have 120 days “to provide the documentation and information required” for a suitability investigation, the board said.

I Just Need A Place To Smoke, Man

Nevada legalized adult-use marijuana five years ago. But Vegas entrepreneurs still haven’t really properly incorporated the wonders of weed into the vices of Vegas. That’s due to federal law keeping Cannabis out of the casinos.

That means tourists on the Las Vegas Strip can possess marijuana, but they can’t smoke it in any public place — or even in their hotel room. In fact, in Vegas, it’s actually only legal to smoke cannabis in private residences. The predictable result, of course, is that countless tourists surreptitiously getting high in casino parking lots on the Strip.

Now, the city’s biggest marijuana dispensary is moving towards an on-site consumption lounge. And Las Vegas itself plans to allow adult marijuana consumption lounges, both connected to existing dispensaries and as stand-alone businesses, reports The Street.

Vegas police generally don’t enforce public smoking laws. If you’re not violating other laws, Sin City law enforcement generally ignores illegal public consumption of marijuana.

Planet 13, Biggest Dispensary In Vegas, Is All In

These marijuana-consumption lounges will work a lot like bars. Well, except they won’t be selling any alcohol. The lounges will be a place where tourists (and residents!) can relax and legally smoke weed products.   

There will be two types of consumption lounges. Some lounges will be associated with existing dispensaries, whilst some consumption lounges will be stand-alone businesses.

Planet 13, the largest pot retailer in Vegas, has actually opted to forfeit its liquor license in order to open a marijuana-consumption lounge. Currently, the sprawling dispensary serves booze in its attached restaurant.

“It’s been something that has been transformative for the business, where we’re pushing the envelope as far as cannabis, in the country,” David Farris, vice president of sales and marketing at Planet 13, told Fox 5 Las Vegas.

Industry observers expect Cannabis-consumption lounges to start opening across Nevada in early 2023. North Las Vegas and Henderson are among the localities which have opted out of allowing the lounges.

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