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Detroit Couple Operate Marijuana-Friendly Bed and Breakfast

Copper House is Detroit’s first weed-friendly bed and breakfast, and is thriving among travelers. It also hosts events

Michigan Cannabis Trail

Black people only account for only 4% of all owners in the Cannabis industry. It’s a lopsided disparity that’s driven one couple in Detroit to change the narrative, reports WXYZ.

The couple opened Copper House Detroit. It’s the city’s first marijuana friendly bed and breakfast.

It’s become a popular destination for both marijuana-consuming travelers and local weed lovers.

21 And Up

Just beyond the bustling Avenue of Fashion is a quiet little home you’d never guess was a business. And the house rules are simple: If you’re 21 and older, you can live the 4/20 lifestyle there.

“Don’t wear shoes in the house, use what you need, leave what you don’t,” Copper House Detroit owner/founder Jessica Jackson said.

The 3,000-square-foot living space is one of the few places in Detroit where overnight travelers can wake and bake.

Copper Everywhere — Even A Copper Bong

The name of the business has a connection to Jackson. ”I have a deep obsession with copper,” she said.

There’s even a copper bong for smokers who want to give it a try.

“We’ve got copper ashtrays, too,” Jackson said.

Jessica and Jacqara Jackson operate Copper House Detroit, the Motor City’s first Cannabis-friendly bed and breakfast [Detroit Metro Times]

We Finally Got Our Piece Of The Pie

When Jackson and her wife Jacqara bought the home in 2018, they didn’t intend to open a business. But when Cannabis became legal in Michigan, the couple felt a, well, burning desire to get a piece of the pot pie.

“I wasn’t able to get into it the way that I want, as someone who carried a lot of debt,” Jackson said.

So, the couple decided to leverage their home. That’s one resource they did have. Jessica and Jacqara would, unfortunately, be two of very few minority owners in the marijuana business.

“Very Expensive Game To Play”

Black people have about the same likelihood as white people to consume marijuana. But Blacks are are least three times more likely to get arrested for weed.

“It’s a lot of systemic issues over time, who has access to wealth… it’s a very expensive game to play,” Jessica Jackson said.

She said being a Black, queer woman “fueled every part” of this effort.

Open For Event Rentals

Today, the business is thriving. The B&B is also open for event rentals. The B&B is pushing the envelope of what is possible in the marijuana space.

Copper House gets to be a bridgemaker as well. “We have the cannabis industry booking our space,” Jessica said. The kind of events in demand, range from educational, tea parties, intimate gatherings and girls nights.

The bed and breakfast has hosted a “pot-jama party,” and has even done high-cuisine, marijuana-infused dinners.

“We respond to the community,” Jessica said. “That’s really what we’ve tried to do out of our home is create a space where folks feel welcome and invited to be themselves.”

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