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Montana: $1.5 Million In Legal Marijuana Sales First 2 Days

Montana marijuana shops made their first sales to adult-use customers on New Year’s Day. It was a big day.


Montana marijuana dispensaries made their first sales to adult-use customers on Saturday morning, Jan. 1, 2022. Most providers consider the first weekend a success, reports KTVH.

About 380 dispensaries in 29 counties are now able to sell marijuana to both medical and recreational customers. All of these were existing medical marijuana dispensaries, and are being given the first shot at the adult-use market under the new law.

“But wait,” some of you are thinking. “Aren’t there 56 counties in Montana?” Yes, Grasshopper, there are 56 counties. But those other 17 are “Red” counties, not “Green” ones, so you don’t get to buy any legal weed there. They voted against the damned stuff, don’t you see.

The Montana Department of Revenue reported a combined $1,566,980 in marijuana sales on Saturday and Sunday.

20% Tax On Adult-Use Sales

There’s no immediate indication how much higher that figure is than typical, but a number of dispensary managers said they saw several times the normal business this weekend. They said the vast majority sales were to adult-use customers. Medical marijuana patients generally were already stocked up before the launch, to avoid long lines and possible outages.

Several Montana marijuana shops reported minor technical issues when they opened on Saturday. But they said it was generally smooth sailing on the first day of adult-use sales.

For the next 18 months, only dispensaries licensed before the November 2020’s legalization initiative can make recreational sales.

The state has placed a 20% tax on adult-use sales, compared to 4% on medical sales. The first weekend’s sales alone could potentially mean up to $313,000 in state tax revenues.

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