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Germany Poised To Legalize Cannabis

Germany’s coalition government is seriously considering legalizing Cannabis in the next legislative session

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Germany’s future coalition of the Social Democrats (SPD), Green Party, and Free Democrats (FDP), are seriously considering legalizing the possession of Cannabis, reports DW.com. Lawmakers plan to introduce the legislation during the upcoming session, reports Marijuana Moment.

The parties, known as the “traffic light” coalition, are pushing for the sale of cannabis to be legal for consumption purposes, reports the Express. A representative of the working group evaluating the policy change said: “We are introducing the controlled distribution of cannabis to adults for recreational purposes in licensed shops.”

The liberal Green Party and business-focused, libertarian-leaning FDP have called for controlled legalization of marijuana for years. Officials have made the usual apologetic noises, however: stressing that “tight regulation” and “protecting” children are paramount. That of course, is next to irrelevant since Cannabis is one of the safest therapeutically active substances in nature.

Cops Oppose It. We’re Not Shocked

Predictably, German police unions recently warned the coalition against legalizing weed. It seems cops are pretty much the same in their frightened fragility pretty much everywhere you go.

The three parties also plan to expand drug-checking programs. Authorities test drugs so they can warn users of particularly dangerous ingredients. Meanwhile, they want to tighten regulations on the marketing and sponsorship of legal drugs such as nicotine and alcohol. “We are constantly measuring the regulations against new scientific findings and adjusting health protection measures accordingly,” the report states.

This system ensures quality control, prevents distribution of contaminated products, and guarantees the “protection of minors,” according to the coalition. The government may legalize adult-use Cannabis cultivation within Germany, reports Politico.

New Chancellor Leads The Charge

Except for medicinal purposes, Germany has prohibited the sale of marijuana has since Harry Anslinger’s Single Convention Treaty on Narcotics back in 1961.

The new Cannabis policy changes are being led by incoming Chancellor Olaf Scholz, reports the Independent.

The coalition said it intends to give itself four years to assess the impact of the law on German society.

Big Tax Revenue Boost For Germany

Legalizing Cannabis could boost Germany’s annual tax revenue by 3.4 billion euros, a survey by the Institute for Competition Economics (DICE) said this week. This is a climb from the 2021 figures – which put its value at around 400 million euros, according to the European Cannabis Report. Projections suggest the boost in revenue would occur every year by 2025.

It would also save the German judicial system about 1.3 billion euros every year.

The survey suggests marijuana legalization could create about 27,000 jobs, a notable boost for Europe’s largest economy.

Europe Considers Moving Into 21st Century

The Netherlands has long tolerated the sale and adult consumption of marijuana under controlled conditions. But other European nations have been slower to follow suit.

Last month, Luxembourg became the first country in the European Union country to formally legalize the adult use of cannabis. Statutory legalization is a much firmer footing for Cannabis policy reform than Dutch-style “tolerance.”

Luxembourg also became the first to legalize growing the plant for non-medical purposes. Cultivation remains — at least technically, and at least for now — illegal in the Netherlands.

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