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South Dakota Governor Won’t Rule Out Marijuana Legalization Veto

Voters approved legalization back in 2020. But it was invalidated by the state Supreme Court. Noem funded that challenge

Kristi Noem is definitely one of the telegenic female politicians so favored as candidates by the GOP in the 21st Century. And like almost every other one, while easy on the eyes, she’s an empty suit with regressive ideas who repeatedly says really stupid shit.

The governor of South Dakota isn’t ruling out a veto if the legislature delivers a marijuana legalization bill to her desk. And she said she’s skeptical about voter support for the reform, reports Marijuana Moment. That’s despite the fact that voters already approved a legalization ballot measure in 2020. A lawsuit backed by Noem later overturned that victory.

Reporters asked Republican Gov. Kristi Noem about the issue at a press event on Wednesday. The presser happened just after the South Dakota Senate passed two different legalization bills. The lawmakers also passed measure to expunge prior marijuana convictions and create a tax structure for legal sales.

Voters already approved adult-use legalization at the ballot in 2020. But the state Supreme Court invalidated it following a single-subject legal challenge. The Kristie Noem administration funded that challenge.

“I Haven’t Seen Anybody Get Smarter From Smoking Dope”

Activists are collecting signatures for a 2022 ballot initiative. But they are open to dropping that effort if the Legislature delivers workable legalization.

The governor didn’t give a clear answer when asked about whether she’d veto such a bill, except to say that “it’s hard to talk in hypotheticals,” and she’s “not in favor of recreational marijuana.”

“I still believe I haven’t seen anybody get smarter from smoking dope,” Noem said. The governor even claimed that she’s “supported medical marijuana for years.”

Kristi is lying her ass off, of course. Noem doesn’t just oppose adult-use weed. She also opposed the separate 2020 medical marijuana initiative that voters approved that year.)

“She Did Not Say She Would Veto”

Matthew Schweich, director of South Dakotans for Better Marijuana Laws, seems determined to see the bright side. Schweich said the “most important takeaway from Governor Noem’s press conference is what she didn’t say.”

“She did not say that she would veto an adult-use cannabis legalization bill,” he said. “That is an encouraging sign that she is starting to listen to her constituents on this issue.”

But there were other signs that were much less positive. Noem loudly complained about people supposedly “using loopholes to get medical cards.”

She said she wants the state to “really understand what the consequences of that” before passing adult-use legalization.

Noem Even Vetoed Industrial Hemp

“Noem seems to have recognized the popularity of medical marijuana and has worked to align herself with the state’s voter-approved program that’s being implemented,” notes Marijuana Moment.

But a veto for adult-use legalization is very possible from Noem. After all, the governor is an avowed adult-use opponent.

In 2019, Noem even vetoed a bill to legalize industrial hemp because she claimed it was a possible first step toward adult-use legalization.

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