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NORML: 450 Studies Show Medical Marijuana Works

With each passing year, the growing evidence showing marijuana’s therapeutic effectiveness grows even larger.

Georgia Finally Picks 6 Companies To Sell Cannabis Oil

Six years after a low-THC medical Cannabis oil law passed, Georgia patients may only have one more year to wait

AL Warns Of Medical Marijuana ‘Pre-Registration’ Scams

Prospective medical Cannabis patients in Alabama, beware: pre-registration is not a thing

Brazil Defies Bolsonaro, Makes Medical Marijuana Progress

Despite its right-wing president, Brazil is making progress in making medical Cannabis affordable and available

Ohio Adds 3 New Conditions Qualifying For Medical Marijuana

Huntington’s disease, terminal illness, and spasticity were added by the Ohio Medical Marijuana Board

Wisconsin Republicans Block Medical Marijuana Again

Why do GOP lawmakers hate weed so much — even as medicine?

THC-Rich Cannabis Beats CBD Against Nausea: Study

The idea that CBD is medicine, while THC is for fun is just erroneous. THC may get you high, but it’s better for nausea

Florida Supreme Court Upholds Medical Marijuana Law

Florida’s highest court said vertical integration, required by lawmakers, doesn’t violate the voter initiative

Mississippi Protesters Decry Court Blocking Medical Marijuana

When the courts overrule more than 70% of the population, there is a problem.

Texas Expands Medical Marijuana Program, But…

Timid Texas lawmakers have given patients very little to celebrate.

Greece’s Parliament Approves Medical Marijuana

Authorities in Greece say this bill isn’t “cowardly and timid” like the one they passed in 2017.

New Mexico Patient Sues Over Weed Limits Under Legalization

Attorney Jacob Candelaria said the policy establishes an illegal tax on medical patients not provided for in the law.

Minnesota Medical Marijuana Law Now Includes Flowers, Smoking

Minnesota has had medical marijuana since 2014, but now, patients will be allowed to smoke dried Cannabis flowers.

Alabama Medical Marijuana Law Signed By Gov. Kay Ivey

While Alabama’s new medical marijuana law doesn’t allow smoking or Cannabis flowers, its very existence means progress

Mississippi Supreme Court Tosses Voter-Passed Medical Marijuana Law

The state high court struck down a medical Cannabis law passed last November by 70% of voters.

Cherokee Council Legalizes Medical Marijuana On N.C. Tribal Lands

The tribal land will be the first area in North Carolina to legalize possession of Cannabis for any purpose.

Alabama Legislature Approves Medical Marijuana

After Alabama lawmakers overwhelmingly approved medical marijuana, the bill is headed for the desk of Gov. Kay Ivey.

Alabama Republicans Block Vote On Legalizing Medical Marijuana

The votes were there to pass Alabama’s medical marijuana bill. But a few Republicans were having none of it.

Maine Considers Psychedelic Therapy

Maine becomes the latest state to contemplate legalizing the consumption of psilocybin.

Texas Medical Marijuana Bill Heads To State Senate

A new House bill would potentially expand Texas’ medical marijuana program to include more patients and higher THC limit