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Liberals Back Legalization; Conservatives Oppose: Survey

“Both sides” arguments may have increasing merit. But more conservatives than liberals oppose legalization.

Massachusetts Moves to Allow Medical Marijuana Insurance

“Cannabis is medicine, it’s indisputable,” said Dr. Ryan Zacklin. “Medication, it’s all covered.”

Angry Medical Marijuana Meeting Lasts Only 5 Minutes

Meeting ends in disarray after outgoing mayor appoints herself to the medical marijuana commission then cancels

Mississippi Gov Wants To Limit Marijuana Amounts, Potency

Gov. Tate Reeves wants to limit amount and potency of medical Cannabis for Mississippi patients, and who can authorize

Marijuana Helps Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia: Study

A recent study of people with clinical depression found those using Cannabis had lower depression than those who weren’t

Michigan Moves To Weaken Medical Marijuana Caregivers

Michigan lawmakers are moving to reduce the amount of Cannabis that can be cultivated by medical caregivers

Marijuana Can Help Treat Depression: New Study

A new study shows those diagnosed with clinical depression and using medicinal Cannabis had lower depression scores

West Virginia Patients Sign Up For Medical Marijuana

It has taken years to get here, but thousands of patients in the Mountain State are finally going legal

Arkansas Medical Marijuana Sales Set New Record

Medical Cannabis sales in Arkansas have generated nearly $50 million in tax revenue for the state since mid-2019

Mississippi Governor Stalling Medical Marijuana: Reports

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves is holding up a special session for a medical marijuana program with “unreasonable demands”

Mississippi Advocates Rally For Medical Marijuana

Mississippians over the weekend called on Gov. Tate Reeves to hold a special session to legalize medical Cannabis.

Federal Marijuana Grow To Open In New Mexico

One of just three federally licensed Cannabis grow facilities in the United States will open soon in Grants, N.M.

Nebraska Medical Marijuana Activists Launch Signature Drive

Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana kicked off a signature drive Saturday to put medical marijuana on the 2022 ballot

Mississippi Lawmakers Reach Medical Marijuana Deal

The 100-page bill comes after a medical marijuana law approved by voters was shot down by the state Supreme Court

Michigan Marijuana Co.’s Want To Limit Medical Caregivers

Michigan weed companies are trying to effectively limit their competition by reducing home cultivation for patients

Nebraska Group Launches 2022 Medical Marijuana Initiatives

A 2022 ballot campaign for medical marijuana is underway in Nebraska. Activists are launching a signature drive

Texas Medical Marijuana Program Expands; Low THC Oil

Thousands more patients in Texas now have access to low-THC Cannabis oil. The expanded law took effect on Wednesday.

Alabama Already Talking About A Medical Marijuana Delay

The Alabama Medical Marijuana Commission has had only one meeting. Already, there’s talk of a delay in availability

North Carolina Medical Marijuana Bill Passes Committee

Tweak, tweak, pass? Medical marijuana keeps getting closer to reality in North Carolina, as it passes committee votes

MS Lawmakers ‘Very, Very Close’ To Medical Marijuana Deal

“I think we are going to give them a program that is better than the one from Initiative 65.” ~ Senator Kevin Blackwell