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AL Warns Of Medical Marijuana ‘Pre-Registration’ Scams

Prospective medical Cannabis patients in Alabama, beware: pre-registration is not a thing

The Trussville Tribune

Alabama earlier this year passed a medicinal Cannabis law. Now some state residents are already seeing ads offering medical marijuana evaluations. But are those “pre-registration” evaluations for real?

When NBC 15 News called the number on the sign, an operator said the point of pre-registration was to get one’s “foot in the door.” This was because most anticipate a flood of Alabamians lining up to get medical pot. Calling now, the operator said, puts you at the head of the line.

But it ain’t necessarily so.

“There is no such thing as pre-registration under the law nor will it occur under board regulations,” said Wilson Hunter, general counsel for the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners.

The Board is now warning consumers to be wary.

“It’s way too early for any business to be offering anything related to medical marijuana,” Hunter said.

Alabama doctors aren’t even authorized yet to evaluate patients. The board is working to get doctors certified by December 1.

“That’s just the first step,” Hunter explained. “Once the rules are in place then the physicians will have to take a course. They’ll have to register.

“The ‘pre-registration’ is almost going against the whole law because the physician has to assess the patient and rule out other treatment options,” Hunter said.

It will likely be September of next year before medical marijuana is sold in the state. Sept. 1, 2022 is the deadline for the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission to implement a program allowing people to apply to sell medical marijuana.

Prospective patients who wish to participate in Alabama’s medical Cannabis program should exercise lots of caution. Pre-registration is not a thing with Alabama medical marijuana.

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