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Alabama May Force Pregnancy Tests On Female Marijuana Patients

The MMJ law was already so weak, it barely even qualifies as a “real” one. But they still had Alabama-fy it real proper

Daily Mail

They do things a little differently in Alabama. If anything remotely resembles “progress” it is automatically suspect. Because that means it could be “progressive.” And politicians in the Heart of Dixie know nothing (in many cases literally) if not how unacceptable it is to be THAT word. That’s just another way of saying ”liberal,” don’t you know.

It seems when a piece of decent legislation comes around, it must be dealt with. They are seemingly duty-bound to Alabama-fy the damned thing.

And that’s exactly what’s now happening to the medical marijuana law passed by the Alabama Legislature last year. Never mind that it was already so weak and tepid, it barely even qualifies as a “real” medical marijuana law. (No flowers? And no smoking or growing? Really??)

An Alabama lawmaker on Thursday introduced a bill requiring women “of childbearing age” to present proof that they’re not pregnant in order to purchase medical cannabis products. Thank goodness, the proposal is facing sharp resistance from drug policy and civil rights activists, reports Marijuana Moment.

And Just About Every Dadgum Time You Go, Too…

Sen. Larry Stutts, a particularly obnoxious conservative, showboating Republican, filed the benighted bill. He figured it would look real tough to the folks back home.

It would amend Alabama’s medical Cannabis law enacted last year. The bill’s language requires “a negative pregnancy test” from any woman “between 25 and 50” to buy at a dispensary.

Just one test won’t be enough to satisfy the politicians. Nope, girly girl, you are gonna have to go get ANOTHER pregnancy test… just about every time you go buy your herbal medicine. That’s because…

“The documentation must be dated within 48 hours of purchase before she may purchase any medical cannabis except in the capacity as a registered caregiver,” the bill says.

Alabama Lawmakers: Science Be Damned.

The bill would also bar breastfeeding women from purchasing medical cannabis products. This is despite the fact that scientific research has already shown endocannabinoids, the body’s own natural marijuana, occur naturally in breast milk.

The simple fact is, there’s nothing scary about medical marijuana. It’s as safe as mother’s milk, and in fact, it’s naturally IN mother’s milk. And any gasbag Southern politician who tries to make a woman a criminal for choosing cannabis instead of toxic pharmaceuticals — which, unlike weed, can actually hurt her baby — is just grandstanding.

Such politicians are counting on their constituents to be just as deeply ignorant as the politicians themselves pretend to be. And with these guys, many of them probably aren’t even pretending.

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