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Arkansas Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee Backs Legalization

"I support the thoughtful decriminalization and legalization of marijuana.” ~ AR gubernatorial candidate Chris Jones

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Arkansas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Chris Jones supports marijuana legalization, reports the Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette. Jones said Tuesday that he supports Responsible Growth Arkansas’ proposed constitutional amendment that would legalize adult-use marijuana.

Jones, who lives in Little Rock, said ballot initiatives “elevate the voices of Arkansans, who have made very important decisions when given the opportunity to do so.” This recreational marijuana ballot initiative, Jones said, is a chance for Arkansas to lead the South.

“I support the thoughtful decriminalization and legalization of marijuana, and I support the Arkansas Marijuana Legalization Initiative on the ballot this November 8,” Jones said.

Responsible Growth Proposal Appears Headed For Ballot

According to the secretary of state’s office, the Responsible Growth Arkansas committee has turned in the required number of valid signatures of registered voters to move its proposed constitutional amendment one step closer to appearing on the Nov. 8 general election ballot.

The state Board of Election Commissioners still must approve the proposed constitutional amendment’s proposed popular name and ballot title before it qualifies for the ballot. The board is scheduled to take action on the proposal Wednesday afternoon, August 3.

The proposed amendment would license adult-use marijuana cultivation and dispensary licenses for businesses already holding licenses under the state’s medical Cannabis program. An additional 40 licenses will be chosen by a lottery.

It would limit marijuana to people 21 or older, and prohibit advertising and “packaging designed to appeal to children.” It would also, quite unfortunately, not allow homegrown weed. It would restrict the number of marijuana licenses statewide.

“Unlock The Potential Of Arkansas”

Jones said that “regardless of what one thinks personally about the prospect of legal recreational marijuana, the revenue created by this ballot initiative would support general fund investments that can unlock the potential of Arkansas — in areas like education starting with preschool, infrastructure starting with broadband, and economic development starting with jobs — while supporting the state drug court program, UAMS and law enforcement.”

No matter the outcome of the vote, the candidate said there’s a great need to address problematic social justice issues. And that is especially true with issues that are the direct result of the criminalization of Cannabis.

“These critical issues can be solved if we come together and focus on solutions that benefit all Arkansans,” Jone said. “That’s what I hope to do as governor.”

Jones Is Running Against Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Jones is running against Republican gubernatorial nominee Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Donald Trump’s obnoxious former press secretary. The contentious, confrontational, fact-challenged Sanders was a notorious and shameless liar during her entire miserable tenure in that unenviable position.

Sanders, also of Little Rock, hasn’t announced her position on the proposed ballot measure that would legalize adult-use marijuana. She seems to believe that in deep-red Arkansas, she doesn’t have to take any actual positions on actual issues. Sanders relies, instead, on a few inchoate, conservative-sounding grunts at appropriate junctures.

Last month, Republican Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson made it clear that opposes the legalization of marijuana. “The biggest challenge with the legalization of marijuana is that it dramatically increases marijuana use and the harm that goes with it,” Hutchinson lied. “Also, I do not support a measure that would directly violate federal law.”

It’s no surprise that Gov. Hutchinson would lie his own ass off about pot. He’s the former head of the federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

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