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Ex-Trump Mouthpiece Conway Lies About Weed ‘Overdoses’

Kellyanne “Alternative Facts” Conway goes after Senate candidate John Fetterman of Pennsylvania for flying a pot flag

The Guardian

Former Trump White House spokesperson Kellyanne “Alternative Facts” Conway is now pushing Reefer Madness lies, reports the HuffPost. During a Monday Fox News appearance, the notoriously dishonest Conway attacked Pennsylvania Democratic Senate nominee John Fetterman for his Cannabis advocacy.

As lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania, Fetterman last year flew pro-marijuana and rainbow flags from the balcony of his office. Republicans, predictably, had a full-on meltdown. Trump himself claimed in a Pennsylvania speech that Fetterman was on hard drugs, including heroin.

“Not only has he not … worked a day in his life, Sean, he hasn’t worked a day as lieutenant governor,” Conway told Fox News’ Sean Hannity. Hannity introduced the segment by mocking Fetterman’s difficulties with speech since a stroke in May.

John Fetterman marijuana flag Pennsylvania senate candidate lieutenant governor
Lt. Gov. John Fetterman with his pot flag

Conway: “He Put The Marijuana Flag Up”

“He put the marijuana flag up,” Conway couldn’t stop herself from adding. ”He thought that was funny. He’s trolling his opponent. Here’s what’s not funny: that there has been a doubling of overdose deaths in Pennsylvania.”

There has not been a doubling of marijuana overdose deaths in Pennsylvania. There have, in fact, never been any marijuana overdose deaths, in the Keystone State nor anywhere else. That’s a grand total of zero Cannabis overdose deaths in history, for those keeping count. Doubling zero still gets you zero.

Conway’s typically air-headed comments were rightly derided on Twitter and throughout the online world, reports The Poke.

Benzinga reports one tweet noted that the “GOP has brought back Kellyanne out of mothballs to serve as a strategist again…brace yourselves for an avalanche of alternative facts!”

Disproportionate Enforcement In Pennsylvania

According to NORML, Black Pennsylvania residents are about five times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession than their white counterparts, based on population. 

Of Pennsylvania’s 13,488 total Cannabis possession arrests, 8,220 (61%) are listed as White and 5,068 (38%) listed as Black. 

Black people only make up about 11% of Pennsylvania’s 12.8 million people, reports NewsOne.

Fetterman: Pennsylvania Farmers Grow Better Marijuana

Fetterman previously said farmers in Pennsylvania can grow better marijuana than people in New Jersey. He named that as one reason why Pennsylvania should expeditiously reform its cannabis laws.

In 2020, he hosted a virtual forum where he got advice on how to implement a legal marijuana system from the lieutenant governors of Illinois and Michigan.

Both those neighboring states have already enacted legalization.

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