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Canadian Legalization Didn’t Boost Traffic Injuries

The implementation of adult-use Cannabis sales in Canada isn’t associated with increased traffic injury hospitalizations

Nearly 43% of Young Adults Say They Use Marijuana

Daily Cannabis use is also up. Eleven percent of young adults 19 to 30 years old said they use the herb every day

Marijuana Use Reaches Record Level Among Young Adults

For the first time ever, more young people from 19 to 30 years old reported smoking marijuana than smoking tobacco.

Marijuana Smokers Have Fewer Nasal Problems: Study

The results of the study suggest a higher frequency of Cannabis use is associated with a lower likelihood of symptoms

Legal Medical Marijuana Linked To Safer Roads

Access to medical marijuana seems to be linked to better road safety, possibly due to substituting weed for alcohol

High THC Marijuana Products Help Chronic Pain: Study

The best research exists for dronabinol and nabilone. But that’s likely because Big Pharma wants to sell pills, not herb

Legal Marijuana Reduces Demand For Prescription Drugs

Access to Cannabis — via adult-use legalization — lowers demand for dangerous prescription drugs through Medicaid

Arizona Marijuana Tainted With Pesticides, Tests Show

Everyone assumes someone else is looking out for them. But sometimes AZ labs clear weed as OK when it’s contaminated

House Overwhelmingly Removes Barriers To Marijuana Research

The Medical Marijuana Research Act passed the House on an overwhelming 343-75 vote. All the ”No” votes came from the GOP

NFL Studying Cannabis For Pain Control, Brain Protection

Players have long been fired and blacklisted for Cannabis in their systems. Will the NFL finally learn something?

Cannabis Legalization Did Not Increase ‘Abuse’: Study

Marijuana has become legal for more American adults, but despite that ease of access, Cannabis “abuse” hasn't increased

Legalization Linked To Fewer Workers’ Compensation Claims

Cannabis use is linked to a 20 percent reduction in workers’ comp claims, according to a new scientific study

Impairment Not Accurately Predicted By THC Levels: Federal Study

THC-based testing is not an accurate way to measure impairment, according to a new federal study.

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