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Sen. Lankford Mocks Own State’s Medical Marijuana Law

Lankford claims medical Cannabis makes weed too easy to get. This same idiot once said MMJ was “just for getting high”

Thailand Giving 1 Million Free Cannabis Plants To Citizens

Industry analysts say the moves could help lure more international visitors to Thailand and strengthen medical tourism

Detroit Man Made $2K A Day With Weed Vending Machine

ATF agents claim they bought weed from the machine. They also found several kilos of “suspected marijuana” and 18 guns

AL Senate Committee Approves Bill Forcing Pregnancy Tests On Female Pot Patients

The draconian bill, understandably, faces sharp resistance from drug policy and civil rights activists

22-Year Indianapolis Cop Busted For Growing Weed

Christina Slack had been an award-winning cop for 22 years. Then she got ratted out by her allegedly abusive boyfriend

Mike Tyson’s Weed Brand Debuts Ear-Shaped “Mike Bites” Gummies

The THC-infused treats launch 25 years after the boxer infamously bit a chunk out of Evander Holyfield's ear in a match

Marijuana Tests Cause Shortage of Truck Drivers: Wells Fargo Exec

A national shortage of truck drivers is plaguing the US. A Wells Fargo executive said a major cause is marijuana testing

Georgia Cop Caught Selling Weed On Duty, In Uniform

Officer Leon Mitchell remains in jail Friday after a judge denied his bail

Louisiana Senate Candidate Smokes Weed In Campaign Ad

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Gary Chambers Jr. smokes marijuana in a field while talking about Cannabis reform

Another ‘Fentanyl In Weed’ Story Is Complete Bull

As usual, the latest “fentanyl in weed” story is complete and utter nonsense. Just like every other time ... (Sigh!)

Super Bowl Champ Arrested With 3+ Pounds Of Weed

Nigel Bradham, linebacker on the Philadelphia Eagles team that won Super Bowl LII, was arrested in Florida

Amish Man Arrested With 25 Pounds Of Marijuana

Lawrence County, Tennessee, police seized the weed from the residence of an Amish man, Chris Appleby, 33

Trucker Caught With Ton Of Weed Says He’s Victim of Scam

Trucker Tasbir Singh is free after 16 days behind bars after being caught with a ton of weed at the Canadian border.

Sacramento Landlord Fined $500K For Tenant’s Pot Grow

Sacramento has quite a lucrative scheme for separating landlords from their money — $94 million in just two years

GA, FL Cops Baselessly Claim Weed Is Laced With Fentanyl

Fentanyl can kill you. Cannabis cannot. There is no fentanyl in Cannabis.

Marijuana Delivery Is ‘Actually Slavery,’ Says Pro-Trump Pundit

To the rest of us, of course, the comparison is not just confusing, but downright offensive.

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