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Cops Claim Rats Ate Half Ton Of Marijuana In Evidence Bin

On the surface the judge appeared to buy the cops’ shaky explanation for all the missing weed. But sorry, we smell a rat


Police in India claim rats ate more than a half ton of seized Cannabis stored as evidence, reports CNN .

The local cops admitted to a judge they can’t come up with the confiscated weed.

Police claimed the rampaging rodents ate 581 kilograms of marijuana stored at the Shergarh and Highway stations, reports India Today. Cops were responding to a court order asking them to cough up the marijuana they recovered in a case.

The prosecution said more than 700 kilograms of Cannabis stored in stations across Mathura could have been devoured by the stoned rodents.

Repeat Offenders?

This was – allegedly – not the first time the marauding party-rats had struck. The judge hearing the case noted Mathura police had already blamed the libertine rodents for destroying a total of more than 500 kilos of marijuana.

Cops had seized the weed in question from dealers in various cases and stored it at the city’s Shergarh and Highway Police Station. 

The court then laid down guidelines for the police to auction or dispose of the cannabis.

“There’s a rat menace in almost all police stations. Hence, necessary arrangements need to be made to safeguard the cannabis that’s been confiscated,” the court document drily noted.

Rats Or Rain?

On the surface of things, the judge appears to buy the cops’ shaky explanation for all the missing weed. But we smell a rat.

You see, accounts regarding the exact sequence of events after the rats’ alleged consumption of the ganja appear, shall we say, a little hazy. And not just for the rodents involved.

Speaking after the court case, Mathura City Police Superintendent Martand Prakash Singh told CNN a different version of the story. ”Rains and flooding,” not rats, destroyed the marijuana, he said.

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