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Marijuana Delivery Is ‘Actually Slavery,’ Says Pro-Trump Pundit

To the rest of us, of course, the comparison is not just confusing, but downright offensive.


The availability of home delivery of marijuana is “actually slavery.”

Well, at least it is … if you believe one passionate Trump supporter and favorite Fox News guest. That probably makes it a good thing that not many of us believe this smug, uncompassionate child of privilege. He’s obviously not nearly as smart as he thinks he is.

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk made the idiotic comments at a conservative group summit on Friday. To most of us, of course, the comparison is not just confusing, but downright offensive.

Currently fighting off an FEC complaint over his group’s refusal to disclose its donors, Kirk made the remarks while speaking at Turning Point’s annual “Young Women’s Leadership Summit” in Dallas, Texas, reports Salon.

Kirk Brutally Mocked For ‘Slavery’ Comments

“We live in a place where you can have, literally, weed delivered to your front door. It’s like, ‘What?’ And somehow, ‘Oh that’s liberty,'” Kirk added, according to video of the speech posted online.

The pro-Trump political pundit then added, “No, that’s actually slavery!”

Afterward, becoming dimly aware of going to far, and of just how stupid how he sounded, Kirk quickly began to backtrack on his statement.

“That’s actually…aw, okay, that’s actually a form of slavery for Media Matters [For America] watching,” Kirk then added lamely. “That’s a form; it’s a form being; it’s a form of being subservient to something that actually controls you. That’s not you being free.” 

But a TPUSA spokesperson didn’t immediately return a Salon request for comment on Kirk’s slavery remarks. 

This isn’t the first time Kirk has made bizarre comments during his conferences. The conferences typically feature high-school and college-aged conservative activists listening to speeches by various right-wing personalities. Back in December, Kirk claimed at a gathering that he had deleted his Twitter account over friends blasting his “stupid” tweets online, yet no such thing ever occurred.

Following Kirk’s ill-advised slavery remarks, he was rightly and brutally mocked on Twitter

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