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Sen. Lankford Mocks Own State’s Medical Marijuana Law

Lankford claims medical Cannabis makes weed too easy to get. This same idiot once said MMJ was “just for getting high”

The Wrap

Republican U.S. Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma made fun of his own state’s voter-approved medical marijuana program last week on the Senate floor. Four years ago, this same idiot claimed medical marijuana was ”just for getting high.”

He said Oklahoma’s medical marijuana law makes it too easy to obtain cannabis “no matter what” the patient’s medical condition. And, he added, he believes the Democrat-led Women’s Health Protection Act would make it too easy to get an abortion.

“We’re a state that has medical marijuana laws,” Lankford said, reports Marijuana Moment. “You have to have a medical prescription from a doctor to be able to get it. So you know how you get it? The medical marijuana place actually has a doctor that you can just call that’ll write a script to you that’ll write it for no matter what.”

“You could say, ‘My left toe hurts every other Thursday,’” he continued, “and they would say, ‘Great, that’s a medical condition.’”

Lankford Really Hates Weed

Lankford has long opposed both Cannabis legalization and abortion access. The senator was criticizing a provision in the Democratic abortion-rights bill. Senate Republicans and Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia blocked it in a 49–51 vote on Thursday. It would have allowed health care providers, including those who perform abortions, to determine fetal viability using their “good-faith medical judgment.”

Leaving the decision up to a clinician’s discretion, Lankford argued, could conceivably allow abortion providers to justify abortions at any point in a pregnancy.

“We get the joke. If the person who’s actually selling the product is the one who’s actually prescribing it, that means you could do it at any point,” Lankford claimed.

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