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Author: Tom Bowers

2024 California Concentrates Special

California Leaf unveils the top extract products in the state for the annual Concentrates Special.

Breeding Brilliance: The World’s Best Cannabis Creators

The Leaf caught up with some of the world’s premier Cannabis breeders to learn more about their latest creations.

The Top Pot In North America

These are the top strains in different regions around Canada and the US.

Cultivating a Name: Champelli

I was into music and skateboarding … all this stuff, so I was always kind of immersed in just the evolving culture.

A Place in the Calaveras Clouds: Burr’s Place

We want to grow everything. We want to grow the best gassy, best piney and the best fruity strains.

The State of the Craft

The lawmakers. The law breakers. The plant and the people caught in the middle.

Pairing: E4P Cannabis Cigar GMO Sundae & Dios Azúl Añejo Tequila

It doesn’t get much better than a top-shelf tequila & high-end Cannagar on a Friday night - or any night for that matter

Under The Microscope: Psilocybin Mushroom Testing at Rose City Labs

Created by a trailblazing plant medicine advocate, Rose City developed methodologies for testing psychedelic mushrooms.

Interdimensional Visionary: A Psychedelic Interview with Chris Dyer

From kickflips to Ayahuasca trips, the artwork of Chris Dyer is a psychedelic masterpiece woven from many mediums.

The Emerald Cup Soiree on the Bay

The vibe this year was one of hopeful anticipation tempered with battle-weathered weariness...

Stoner Owner: Midzotics Matt Shotwell

“I just smoked some DMT, and my entire marketing campaign clicked in my mind..."

Erykah Badu leads legendary 4/20 sesh at Hippie Hill

Badu capped a legendary day full of good vibes, good will and good ganja with a killer set of songs, stories and chants.

Hippie Hill gets ready for a taste of That Badu on 4/20

Hippie Hill packs a phat lineup of musical acts with a bowl topper of a cash-heavy competition for the stoner holiday

Leaf Glass Special 2023: Artisan Psychonaut Dustin Revere

"When you’re staring at the flame, you don’t have space in your mind for anything else, so you end up meditating..."

Cannabis Copulation

No other plant has been bred in thousands of garages and basements all over the world, each breeder using local genetics

Top of the Pots – The Top 5 Cultivars by Market

We teamed up with the data analysts at Headset to take a look at the current trends in Cannabis cultivars.

Message in a Box – Exclusive Interview with Box Brown

“This is maybe one way that I can contribute to this discussion in a meaningful way"

Cookies celebrates opening of Thailand store

Berner and a team of partners opened the company's first store in Asia in grand Thai style

Replacing the Ritual – Cannabis and Alcohol

For Sean Scott, using pot instead of booze was about transference of attention. It was about replacing the ritual.

Snoop Dogg announces Death Row Cannabis

Following his acquisition of the iconic West Coast Record Label, the Doggfather drops the new Death Row chronic

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