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We Are The World: The United Colors Of Cannabis

"Despite this hopeful news, Cannabis still remains a Schedule I substance under international treaties."

A Global Pot Perspective

With the U.S. on the verge of historic change, let’s see how the rest of the world is handling marijuana-law reform.

Cannabis as a global commodity?

While most U.S. companies see the future of Cannabis as a commodity coming from federal legalization, the real barrier.

An Open Letter to the Biden-Harris Administration

Madame Vice President, your legacy as a prosecutor includes thousands of lives fractured by the war on drugs.

California’s Changemaker

“We're trying to get employers away from the idea of discriminating against someone using Cannabis on their own."

The Prohibitionist Plot to Recriminalize Cannabis

Despite Election Day wins for legalization, lawmakers and elected officials are working to undo the will of the voters.

New York State Legalizes Cannabis for Adult Use!

After lengthy negotiations between legislators and the governor, New York becomes the 15th state to legalize marijuana.

The Fight for Legalization of Psychedelics

The movement has thrived beneath the surface for decades.

Mushrooms and Cannabis deciminalized in New Jersey

An earlier version of the decrim measure removed penalties for possession of up to a pound of Cannabis

Connecticut legislators find new hope for legal Cannabis

Advocates recognize that the issue still faces strong opposition from both politicians and powerful lobbyists.

New Jersey lawmakers pass legalization bill

New Jersey narrowly passes bill to establish the state's adult-use Cannabis market.

America Votes Yes for Cannabis! 2020 Election Day Roundup

"The country appears uncharacteristically united when it comes to marijuana."

Thick Jungle of Red Tape: DEA’s New IFR Creates Uncertainty and Confusion for CBD Industry

"The problem with the bill, and the DEA’s new IFR, is that it muddies the water regarding extraction."