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Adventure Accessories: Cannabis Travel Products

The Leaf highlights some adventure accessories, perfect for your next trip.

Take Your Tools

Proxy Travel Bag

The Puffco Proxy is an essential accessory to any adventure … and there’s no better way to hit it on the go than with the Proxy Travel Bag. This simple dab purse comes in black or desert (tan) and features a plethora of pockets, including slots for two hot knives, a secret stash pocket, and a concentrate jar storage pouch at the bottom. But the coolest part is the magnetic drop-down loading tray, which gives you a stable surface to load your dabs anywhere, anytime. 

puffco.com | @puffco
Review by Bobby Black @thebobbyblack

Revelry Supply Co.
The Rolling Kit

All the rolling necessities, ready to roll up with you to any hiking trail, travel day or team sesh. This kit comes complete with a tray, two-piece grinder and pack of papers – all of which are hemp-derived. There’s also a perfectly-sized pouch (so you never lose your lighter again) and two additional pockets to store all your sesh accessories. Metal hardware and leather accents paired with a waterproof zipper and lockable clasp make this portable pouch both durable and discreet. 

revelrysupply.com | @revelrysupply
Review by Katherine Wolf @katadellic 

Rover Case

Designed for Vessel’s Craftsman, Expedition, Core and Vista Edge Series pens, this sophisticated and sleek case is versatile enough to accommodate all of your vape pen, charger and cartridge needs. It comes in several colors, including this premium, soft-touch “cognac” faux-leather option and several water-resistant nylon options. At just seven inches long and under four inches wide, it’s about the size of the average wallet and nearly as necessary.

vesselbrand.com | @vessel_brand
Review by Terpodactyl Media @terpodactyl_media

Rollie Boy
Rollie Boy Joint Case

Rollie Boy has reimagined the joint case. Gone are the days of loose bats bumping into each other as you frolic with friends, thanks to attached covers that safely store four individual joints and swing open as needed. The hard-sided, water and smell-resistant receptacle even comes with a detachable match-strike that can be removed to fit a standard Bic lighter – so you’ll always be ready to roll up. 

Review by Terpodactyl Media @terpodactyl_media

Doob Tube Kit

This is a Doob Tube unlike others. Its simple, smell-proof, watertight, “aircraft-grade aluminum” design holds a hidden feature. Inside, you’ll find the joint, cone, or blunt of your choice and with it, a reusable, removable filter. It’s composed of a washable, medical-grade silicone tip and charcoal filters to smooth out your smoke. The filters are crafted from “biodegradable and non-toxic materials,” so you can feel good about feeling good!

weedgets.com | @weedgetsllc
Review by Terpodactyl Media @terpodactyl_media

Smell Proof Storage 

Suvo Labs
Original Stash Bag

If you’re looking for versatility in all of your on-the-go needs, Suvo Labs has prepared the perfect product: The Original Stash Bag. Their 3X layered Carbon-Lock® fabric doesn’t let any smells seep through and its moisture-regulating technology means fresher bud in your bag. A protective padding offers the option to gallivant with glass in good hands, while a customizable combo lock secures the whole stash.     

suvolabs.com | @suvolabs
Review by Terpodactyl Media @terpodactyl_media


If simplicity suits you, try the Coolpac from Tightpac. This pill-shaped, 4.5-inch container is airtight, smell-proof, and just the right size for a nice nug, pair of joints, or some canna-candies. This company specializes in vacuum-sealed containers made for a multitude of uses, so you’ll find that all of their products are National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Certified as food-safe and set to store your flower without fear. 

tightpac.com | @tightpac
Review by Terpodactyl Media @terpodactyl_media

All New JYARZ Classic

If you’re out for a fierce flower adventure, this twist on a timeless classic will hold around three grams in a removable glass compartment. The All New JYARZ Classic offers TripleBlock™ technology that locks in freshness, smell and the elements – it’s even been tested “on the Colorado River under the most extreme conditions.” With a child-proof cap option also available, this one can come along on adventures with the whole family.

jyarz.com | @jyarz
Review by Terpodactyl Media @terpodactyl_media

The Day Tripper

Whether you’re getting ready for a local day trip or heading out on a longer adventure, Staze makes sure your flower stays fresh. There’s a main compartment for loose buds and a removable joint holder slot (made from the eco-friendly agave plant) that keeps your pre-rolls upright and organized. Crafted to be smell-proof, water-proof, UV-protected, lightweight and available in colorways inspired by the calming hues of nature, this is the perfect pick for any outdoor quest – or, simply a trip to your friend’s couch to sesh. 

staze.co | @stazefresh
Review by Katherine Wolf @katadellic

Dime Bags
The Outfit

If you want to look fresh and stay functional, meet “The Outfit” – the fanny pack your stoner uncle wished he had back in the ‘70s. There are seven compartments total (including a secret zippered pocket and main section with a three-digit combination lock) made with fully smell-proof, carbon-filter technology. Whether you’re wearing it to a concert, yoga class or trip to the museum, you can head to the function knowing your fire goodies are safe, secure and strapped on your body at all times! 

dimebags.com | @dimebags
Review by Katherine Wolf @katadellic

This article was originally published in the May 2024 issue of All Magazines.

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