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Higher Love

The Leaf is celebrating Cannabis chemistry by highlighting some of our favorite pot partners who have bonded over buds!

Cannabis Couples Share their Love Stories

It can be a challenge finding one’s stoner soulmate – someone you can grow with (both figuratively and literally), who not only tolerates your daily dab habit but can actually go toke-for-toke with you. For hardcore heads, true romantic chemistry, it seems, must include THC as part of the formula. Because as those lucky enough to find their perfect pot-smoking partner will tell you, there’s nothing quite like that “higher love.” I would know – my wife April and I met (then three years later, got engaged) at the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam and held a weed-themed wedding before that became a “thing.” For us, like so many others, Cannabis has been both the catalyst that brought us together and an invaluable ally in maintaining harmony in our relationship. 

So to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2022, we asked some of our favorite Cannabis couples to weigh in on how their love of the plant relates to their love for one another. 

Lo Luebke (Founder/CEO, Heylo Vapes)
Daniel Luebke (Director of Marketing, Heylo Vapes)

Seattle, WA
11 years

How/when did you meet?
On move-in day at Northwestern University. We lived in the same dorm and were instantly attracted to each other. 

Did you have a weedy wedding?
We couldn’t make Cannabis a big part of our wedding, but we had hemp leaves in the bouquet and boutonniere – and we had plenty of Heylo vapes to go around. 

What role has Cannabis played in your relationship?
Cannabis has always helped us amplify life experiences – whether it’s getting creative in the kitchen together, melting into the music at a concert, or celebrating after reaching the peak of a hike. 

Favorite way to get high? 
Sharing a vape on a walk or a celebratory bong hit. Oh, and our Cannabis lube is always a good time.


Jenn & Jeremy Borjeson (Owners, The Harvest Cup Competition & Tradeshow)

Rutland, MA
30 years

How/when did you meet?
When we were about 20 years old, through mutual friends.

First time you got high together?
It was the first thing we ever did together! We went for a “bone ride” and just smoked and talked, getting to know each other.

What role has Cannabis played in your relationship?
Cannabis has played a HUGE role. Jeremy is a grower and I’ve always used Cannabis medically for just about everything – from alleviating nausea due to migraines to treating my ulcerative colitis.  

Would you be with your partner if they didn’t smoke weed?
I doubt we would’ve ended up together. Cannabis was always a huge part of our lives, so I don’t think either of us would have lasted with a partner who didn’t use it.

Greatest challenge you’ve faced together?
Dealing with all of the arrests, threats of taking our children away, having our names published in the paper, having our homes raided three times, etc. 

Jesce Horton (CEO/Co-founder, LOWD; Co-founder, NuProject & Minority Cannabis Business Association)
Jeannette Ward Horton (Co-founder/CEO, NuProject)

Portland, OR
6 years 

How/when did you meet?
As co-board members on the MCBA in 2015. 

What role has Cannabis played in your relationship?
The Cannabis industry definitely brought us together. 

Would you be with your partner if they didn’t smoke weed?
No – a non-smoker wouldn’t have time for Jeannette’s many weed breaks. LOL.

Greatest challenge you’ve faced together?
Being parents to two boys. Parenting has required more growth, adaptation and frayed nerves than any job, and Cannabis definitely helps.

Proudest accomplishments in the Cannabis space?
We’ve launched two organizations together: Minority Cannabis Business Association and NuProject, helping to fund $1 million to historically excluded entrepreneurs – over half of them black-owned businesses.  

Brad & Christina Zusman (Owners, v)

Gresham, OR
30 years 

How/when did you meet?
At the LGBTQI+ festival at the Portland waterfront in 1991. Christina was contracted to assist Brad’s catering company vending at the festival. 

First time you got high together?
It’s crazy to think it took 12 years together before Christina used Cannabis! It was the first medical crop we grew together in our house … Christina got so stoned from two bong hits she slept for 15 hours! 

Did you have a weedy wedding?
We set up a smoke station in the gazebo with assorted Cannabis and infused homemade wine provided by Christina’s parents. 

Most romantic date/trip involving Cannabis? 
Brad took me to Hawaii for our anniversary once, and we snuck over some Cannabis and edible treats. We were told not to indulge on the property, so we walked over to some trees on the beach, sat down on a blanket, drank wine, and smoked while watching the waves crash into the rocks.   

Kelly LoGiudice (Maryland Leaf Patient of the Month, December 2019; 710 Budtender Award nominee)
Jason Morgan (Former dispensary owner/manager)

Baltimore, MD
5 years

First time you got high together?
It was within minutes of meeting each other! Cannabis was really the reason we were meeting in the first place. Before we had legal Cannabis in Maryland, seshes and pop-ups were how we connected in the Cannabis community. 

How did you fall in love?
We started road tripping up and down the East Coast with our dogs, going to glass shows and pop-ups in D.C., and having fun. 

What v has Cannabis played in your relationship?
Cannabis was there from the beginning, and it will always be there. It’s much more than just something we do for fun – it’s an essential part of our lives. It makes us better people, so we can be better people to each other. 

Favorite thing to do together while high? 
Order snacks on GoPuff and watch horror movies, go to an art gallery, or take the dogs hiking.

Rob and Josie Gustafson (Owners, RockHardNugzAK) 

Wasilla, AK
15 years, married for 14

How/when did you meet?
On match.com – we were both super excited that the other smoked weed! 

What role has Cannabis played in your relationship?
Cannabis allows us to relax together. Being able to relax after a very stressful day is so important to maintaining a healthy relationship. Josie has a very hard time winding down, and Cannabis helps. 

Favorite thing to do together while high? L
et’s be real – sex while high is awesome. 

Would you be with your partner if they didn’t smoke weed?
Probably not. We’ve both had relationships in the past where the other partner didn’t smoke and what can I say… I’m with Rob now.

David Bienenstock (Co-host, Great Moments in Weed History podcast; Cannabis author/journalist)
Elise McDonough (Brand manager, Binske; Cannabis cookbook author)

Sebastapol, CA
15 years

How/when did you meet?
Working together at High Times in 2002. We were work friends for a long time before we got romantically involved.

First time you got high together?
At the High Times office! LOL. 

Most romantic date/trip involving Cannabis? 
In 2010, I proposed to Elise in front of the fountain outside the American Hotel in Amsterdam because that’s where we first kissed after working together behind a booth at the Cannabis Cup.

Favorite thing to do together while high? 
Hiking and cooking.

What role has Cannabis played in your relationship? 
Cannabis is a way to enhance the good things in our lives and relationship, and also helps us see through life’s challenges in a mutually supportive way.

Chaos Gibbons (Co-founder, The Farmaceuticals Company)
Jei Shepherd (Professional jeweler, artist, tattooist)

Oakland, CA
2 years

How/when did you meet?
In New Orleans about 14 years ago. Chaos was working in the traditional California Cannabis market, and Jei was at a mutual friend’s house when Chaos stopped by with some flower. 

First time you got high together?
On our second date – we went to the Hella Gay dance party. We met outside and walked to Chaos’ car to smoke some weed before going in. 

Favorite thing(s) to do together while high? 
Hosting dress-up-themed dinner/dance parties in our living room, or hiking with our pup in the Redwoods.

Would you be with your partner if they didn’t smoke weed?
Absolutely not – we both find it difficult to connect with folks who are anti-Cannabis.

Greatest challenge you’ve faced together? 
Navigating the shifting landscape of regulated Cannabis as a small, queer-woman-owned business in the land of giant corporations. 

Proudest accomplishment(s) in the Cannabis space?
Winning the High Times Cannabis Cup for Best CBD and sweeping the WeedCon competition this year! 

About Bobby Black

Bobby Black is a marijuana media icon. He spent 21 years at High Times magazine as an associate art director, senior editor, and columnist. He is currently the Content Director of California Leaf and Competition Director of the Leaf Bowl cannabis competitions. He is also the Executive Director of the World of Cannabis Museum project, host/writer of the cannabis history podcast/column Cannthropology, and co-founder of Higher Way Travel.

This article was originally published in the February 2022 issue of All Magazines.

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