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Money Moves: Cannabis and Marketing

A look at the iconic brands now catering to stoner culture. Because stoners spend money, too.

Photos Courtesy of Brands

The impact Cannabis has had on marketing cannot be ignored. Even with the Super Bowl turning down the chance for a weed-themed halftime commercial, iconic companies have still crossed the aisle and formed historic partnerships with Cannabis brands over the last five years.

Cookies & DC

The Dark Knight has appeared on a number of traditional cookies throughout the years, but when they dropped a series with Cookies using the iconic Bronze Age costume, the internet went wild. It’s hard to not have your jaw hit the floor when you see an icon like DC agree to share in stoners’ love for comic books, and really drops the bat-hammer on how crazy far we’ve come since “Shadow of The Bat,” Issue 56.
@dcofficial | @cookiesenterprises

Alien Labs & HUF

After getting their next-level merch into select Zumiez stores, Sacramento’s extra-terprestrials partnered with Kieth Hufnagel’s pioneering lifestyle brand HUF to launch a merch collection that includes a bomber jacket, basketball jersey, and custom porcelain UFO incense holder made by Yeenjoy Studios. The teams at HUF and Alien Labs dreamed up the apparel collection by infusing it with a healthy dose of ‘90s skateboarding and anime – a recipe that’s always been a part of AL’s impressive merch drops.
@alienlabs | @hufworldwide

Puffco & AriZona Iced Tea

One of Puffco’s cult classic creations got a special 420 overhaul thanks to a partnership with AriZona Iced Tea in 2023. The coffee cup-looking bong known as the Cupsy was upgraded with a custom 420 colorway and pink-tinted glass base, styled with the unmistakable cherry blossom design from AriZona’s Green Tea can. The beverage giant says their customers are their biggest inspiration, and this showed an acceptance of stoners as a recognizable consumer base.
@puffco | @drinkarizona

Zig-Zag & Flower Mill

While the name Zig-Zag has always been synonymous with stoner culture, it was only this year that they made any official moves to identify with it openly. While you could see it in their booth at the 2023 Hall of Flowers, it was most apparent when they partnered with Cannabis accessory company Flower Mill to drop a branded Cannabis grinder (though fans of the brand will be quick to point out it doesn’t exactly grind).
@zigzagworld | @flowermillusa

Adidas & South Park

In 2021, Adidas partnered with South Park to drop a 420 version of their Campus 80 shoe – inspired by the character Towelie with eyes that turned red in the sun. In 2023, they dropped a “Crop” Campus 80 which was covered in a removable rolling paper that revealed a rich green suede. Vans, Reebok and other shoe brands have begun to embrace the stoner holiday with special models – something Nike first started back in 2004.
@adidas | @southpark

Kiva & Fatburger

Getting the munchies is part of the stoner identity and fast food chains have enjoyed our allegiance over the years, but in 2023, Fatburger created a special release for potheads with California’s edible champions Kiva. No stranger to thinking outside the kitchen, Kiva has released Thanksgiving Gravy and Holiday Hot Chocolate in the past. As a limited promotion, the pair created the first 10mg ketchup – dubbed a ‘canndiment’ – that you could use to spice up your burger or fries.
@madebykiva | @fatburger

This article was originally published in the June 2023 issue of All Magazines.

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