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One Dab At A Time: The Hash Calendar Club

The Hash Calendar Club creates a whole new way to ask what day it is.

Groucho Marx famously said he’d never join any club that would allow him as a member but then, Groucho never knew about the Hash Calendar Club. This secret set of subscribers are part of an amazing program presenting people with a bespoke box containing the hottest hash from around the country – all custom packaged and themed for specific holidays. Just like an advent calendar full of chocolate, you open up a different section each day to uncover a rosin sampling from new favorites, heavy hitters and rare flavors. 

What began as a passion project in December of 2021 has now quadrupled in size with people lining up to get on the waitlist. 

Box sets and limited collections have seen a rise in both popularity and creativity over the last two years, as fans have shown a desire to interact with the Cannabis companies they love – the same way they do as with brands like Nike or Supreme. The difference here is that Hash Calendar Club boxes are not only limited but curated, both by the community and by its creator Big Gim. Imagine a collection of specially-built, shared experiences for the hash enthusiast, where along with your fellow members, you get to open a new window each day and discuss the flavor – sometimes opening the box up to discover elaborate edibles, delicate glassware, or chances to win huge prizes. 

These sets are released a few times a year, built from the ground up as a showcase of who is pulling ahead of the pack. Every part of the experience is carefully thought out, then visually designed by the talented artist Van Gogh Zuh. When we asked how important art was to this project, Big Gim told us that good visuals are essential to taking members of the club on a ride with him through each immersive adventure. With every elaborate edition, members are led along haunted hallways, through wizard’s castles and into enchanted forests – one delicious dab at a time. 

It’s an exclusive and somewhat costly list to get onto, but Big Gim pointed out that’s due to the labor-intensive nature of collecting the diverse selection of incredible products from around the country, then spinning a whole new world around them. He especially thanked @billwilldabs and @bigmikejax for their help in pulling it all off. 

Current members of the club represent a wide variety of both basic consumers and people with access to the private market – all looking to uncover new delicacies and have a little fun along the way. As Big Gim put it, for members, “It’s about the dabs, but it’s also about the discovery.” At the end of the day, the goal is to create something fun while helping break down the walls of access. 

Big Gim has already seen the importance of keeping the original spirit while listening to new members about what they’d like to see next. The process is a blueprint that’s still being drawn out as he goes, and Big Gim is one of those people whose mind is always working on a good idea. Throughout our conversation he would punctuate his answers with new concepts and additions for future versions, writing his inspiration down between dabs.  

Since I first discovered the Hash Calendar, I’ve watched it continue to swing for the fences. Whether it’s adding new members, custom accessories or outrageous thematics, there has yet to be a plateau for this project. For the next edition in July, Big Gim cryptically promised, “a return to its roots with some big surprises.” Until then, I’ll be percolating with anticipation to see what new escapade he and the next set of hashmakers dream up for their members. 


This article was originally published in the February 2024 issue of All Magazines.

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