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The Art Gallery Hiding in Your Fridge

Often covered in bright colors and holographic details, jars of hash are examples of modern pop art.

Packaging art is another way the concentrate world is making eyes water. These box and jar stickers are miniature masterpieces that hit the town with a splash and disappear once the flavor runs out, making this constantly evolving modern art form no different than the showcases in galleries from Manhattan to Milan. Since we put out our previous Concentrates Issue, some mind-blowing collaborations and concepts have been released through the imaginations of talented individuals in our industry. Here are just a few:

• At the end of 2023, San Diego-based CLSICS partnered with Bay Area creative Porous Walker to drop a collection of merch and products including “Nobra Venom” (Cadillac Rainbow x Apple Tart), which came out as live rosin and hash hole in collectible packaging. This project also spawned a live version of Walker’s bong toke arcade game that became part of the 2024 San Francisco Weed Week.

• Over in Michigan, Peachy Hash & Co. released its first-ever blend titled “Hash Pie.” This triple-team-up came complete with a coupon to scarf down some slices at local pizza giants Pie Sci and Nardo’s. To commemorate this 400-gram moment, the project commissioned some stunning artwork by Detroit illustrator Jason Abraham Smith.

• In the Golden State, Netflix just finished its 10-day “Netflix Is A Joke” festival, described as perhaps the biggest comedy event in history. To commemorate the occasion, comedy powerhouse Frank Castillo and Kalya Extracts put out an exclusive batch of Zazaya (Papaya x Z) called “Frank’s Headstash,” which featured the funnyman’s stoned face across the jar in a move that was described as “amazing,” “creepy,” and “accurate.”

The traditional market is also pushing at the fringes of design in a (mostly) friendly competition that often feels like that scene in “American Psycho” where they’re all comparing business cards. Behind the crowd of embossed, spot-coated and reflective examples, brands are pushing the envelope, such as Ogre Farms whose Double-Decker series stacks two jars on top of each other and wraps them in a giant-size, full-color scene from their upcoming comic book. Other examples are the exquisitely done jars from Professor Sift and glass artist Kaj Beck which look less like a Miron jar and more like some kind of powerful relic from a video game.

It’s not just brands doing the heavy lifting. On the illustrative side, we’ve seen commissions from artists like Burrito Breath, Lot Comedy, Dynasty Design and Idio Synape release hit after hit towards the fences without any sign of stopping.

Whether disguised to look like an everyday object or covered in bright colors and holographic details, jars of hash are examples of modern pop art that fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. When you reach into the fridge for your next jar, take a moment to marvel at the tiny world-class art exhibit you’ve curated between the sliced cheese and the orange juice.

This article was originally published in the July 2024 issue of All Magazines.

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