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Photo by Jeff DiMarco

Glass Artist: Waugh Street Glass

“The cleanliness of scientific glass paired with the niche of fume work, that’s my main focus.”

Hailing from Georgia, Will Waugh, better known as Waugh Street Glass, discovered his passion for glass art at the age of 17 through the glassblowing documentary “Degenerate Art.” During his early experiences in headshops, buying his first pipes, he became enamored with the color-changing effect of fumed glass. When he found out that it was the result of essentially “painting the glass” with fuming metal, he was inspired to learn more about the niche of fume work within the world of glass pipes. This quickly led to a rabbit hole of exploration in the world of fume work, which his artwork is most known for today.

Photo by Jeff DiMarco

As he learned more about glass, Will became influenced by the clean, crisp work of artists such as Merge Scientific, who started as a scientific glassblower, and Siren Apparatus, who deftly juxtaposes the look of scientific glass with a heady aesthetic.

The delicate precision of Will’s finely detailed, immersive fumed patterns wasn’t a skill that came overnight. Will has spent countless hours in deeply focused practice and experimentation honing his fuming skills, learning along the way from other glass artists. It’s that level of discipline, determination and curiosity that has allowed him to create such balanced and immersive functional glass.

Photos by @iamjeffdimarco

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This article was originally published in the May 2021 issue of Northeast Leaf.

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