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Leaf Glass Special 2024: JP Toro – The Highly Connected Dispensary

This exciting fusion of his glassblowing genius & passion for Cannabis aims to redefine the standard for cannabis retail

JP Toro has long been celebrated for his heady and pioneering contributions to the world of glass art, especially within the Cannabis community. His many creations, such as the Terp Slurper, have revolutionized how hash and concentrate enthusiasts experience their favorite strains, melding innovative function with unparalleled artistry.

The family-owned team is currently embarking on a new journey in Ithaca, as they open a licensed dispensary in their home state of New York. This exciting fusion of his glassblowing genius and passion for Cannabis aims to redefine the standard for Cannabis retail spaces. As the industry evolves and more states come online, figures like JP Toro are at the forefront – helping guide the way towards a more integrated, artistic and creative Cannabis experience.

In this exclusive Q&A, JP Toro and Wendy sit down with ADHDDEAD and share insights into their latest projects, vision for a unique dispensary experience, and the future of glass art in the Cannabis industry.

What inspired you to venture into the Cannabis retail sector?
Wendy: We had the opportunity to be among the first applicants under the NY CAURD program. Both JP and I were legacy growers since the ‘90s. A lot of our Sour Diesel was sold in NYC in the early 2000s, but we were raided in 2009. Who knew that years later, the hell we went through would pay off?

What unique features can customers expect from your dispensary that sets it apart from others in the market?
W: In addition to the inclusion of TORO Glass products in our inventory, our most unique feature is that JP knows Cannabis and hash. At The Highly Connected Dispensary, our primary objective is to curate the finest Cannabis and hash selections in New York. With our robust presence in the global Cannabis community, we are confident that we can create a world-class showcase featuring top-tier brands, attracting Cannabis enthusiasts from near and far.

The products that we carry will be hand picked through thoughtful consideration and involvement from JP. Currently, there are a small handful of legit licensed grows to choose from, and we are excited to see what the newly licensed micros and changing growing protocols start to offer. Our goal is to help to bring the NY legal market up to speed of where the legacy market is today!  

How do you envision the interplay between your glass art and the Cannabis products you’ll be offering in your dispensary?
W: The dispensary will be a great opportunity to educate the public on the importance of good quality glass and function for the ultimate experience. We will be hosting lots of educational seminars and teaching sessions, guided by JP and other key players in the glass and Cannabis community. We also have plans to bring in featured artists to collaborate and do drops at the dispensary/gallery as well. Last but certainly not least, there will be a dedicated showroom for JP’s rare high-end glass. 

How has the evolving Cannabis culture influenced your designs and the functional aspects of your glass pieces?
JP: It is very symbiotic. I have designed certain pieces based on the evolution of Cannabis consumption as well as Cannabis consumption has been forged onward to some extent based on some of my designs. For example, when BHO was more of a thing, my homie JC and I worked on the titanium nail and glass dome design. Most pieces up to this point were a lot larger or hand pipes and bubblers more appropriate for flower. The development of the dome led to the need for smaller “rigs” mostly with male joints. Then quartz became popularized thanks to Quave and most rigs at that point became females. In 2015, I started to work heavily with quartz and contributed to the evolution of the ‘banger’ by adding the flat top, the thicker bottom for heat retention, and incorporating airflow into the design. As the emergence of higher quality solventless began to evolve, it required me to rethink how we consumed it. I wanted to taste the product to the fullest and get the terpiest experience. Thus the creation of the Terp Slurper! By creating the bottom feeder, the aeration elevated the dabbing experience to a whole different level. The most recent ‘terp slide’ is a good example of inspiration drawn for me from piatella. The Cannabis industry will constantly be moving forward and we will always be there to adapt and keep with the evolution.

How has broader legalization impacted your glass work?
JP: To be honest, prior to legalization were the ‘good old days.’ Before legalization, it was a scene of degenerates who spent their lives devoted to Cannabis and the love of it. While legalization has many positives, it undoubtedly shifted the scene. As always, I hope to keep doing me and doing it all for the true love of Cannabis. My glass art is an extension of my version of the quest. I absolutely love what I do on every level. When you do it for love and passion, everything else always follows. This I strongly believe is the secret to our success. I’m constantly chasing the high to get to the ultimate experience. When you get to do what you love every day, it’s not a job. Many will enter and leave our industry chasing the money. I will always chase the high, which is why I will still be relevant and around and hopefully leave an impactful legacy on the Cannabis game.

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