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Photos by Lucas Reilly/Mothership Glass

Leaf Glass Special 2024: Mothership Glass

Innovation courses through the veins of Mothership Glass like plasma.

In the lush expanses of the Pacific Northwest, where Earth’s creativity merges with cosmic wonder, Mothership Glass descends – a beacon of celestial artistry in the terrestrial realm of high-end glassmaking. Birthed in the stellar forge of 2013 by the interstellar visionary Scott Deppe, their studio was not merely founded … it landed, propelled by a deep-seated passion for the cosmic dance of aesthetics and functionality.

The mission of Mothership Glass is no less than a galactic decree: to transcend the earthly confines of glasswork, elevating it into realms of extraordinary artistry that resonates with unparalleled quality, innovation and the soul of the cosmos.

From the moment of their celestial inception, Mothership Glass set its coordinates beyond the known, committed to crafting intricate, mesmerizing glass pieces that defy gravity in both function and beauty. This dedication has illuminated their path, guiding them to become pioneers on this planet.

At the core of their intergalactic voyage is a crew of artists and craftsmen, each a star navigator in their own right. Every creation that emerges from the Mothership is a constellation of countless hours, unmatched skill, and a profound communion with glass as the medium of the cosmos. Here, the boundaries of space and possibility are not just pushed but obliterated as they employ a spectrum of specialized techniques in flameworking, cold working, and glass sculpting to encapsulate stories not of this world.

Innovation courses through the veins of Mothership Glass like plasma. Scott Deppe, their commander, has charted courses into unexplored territories of glass, wielding techniques and functionalities once thought to reside only in the imaginations of beings from far-flung galaxies. This pioneering spirit has not only set new orbits, but also ignited stars of inspiration across the cosmic canvas of artists worldwide.

Mothership Glass transcends its artistic feats; they are a nexus in the universe, a gathering space for entities drawn to the art and alchemy of glass. Their studio thrives as a cosmic hub where creativity, learning, and the sharing of interstellar ideas about art and the essence of hash converge in a nebula of innovation.

Their odyssey is one of eternal exploration and discovery, navigating the infinite possibilities of glass art and its place in the cosmos. For collectors, enthusiasts and fellow spacefarers, Mothership Glass stands as a beacon of what glass art can achieve when infused with the essence of the universe – melding the timeless elegance of the galaxies with the revolutionary spirit of the void.

Welcome aboard the Mothership. They don’t just create glass … they forge artifacts of the cosmos, beckoning explorers and dreamers to join them in a journey that spans the stars.

mothershipglass.com | @mothership_glass

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