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Leaf Glass Special: Hicdogg X Windstar – The Spirit Animal Series

Each of them reflects our love for the animals depicted and their mythological influence on the societies around them.

The Spirit Animal Series currently includes four pieces that have been created since late 2019. It all started with Koyaanisqatsi – a cow skull that referenced the Hopi prophecies of the world falling out of balance when mankind refused to live alongside nature. When we first started making these, we had no idea that four years later we would have four master pieces – and many more planned for the series. Each of them reflects our love for the animals depicted and their mythological influence on the societies around them. These functional works of art are truly show pieces, and their power is not just in the imagery they invoke, but also in the size of their presence.  

Spirit Animal #1  

December 2019 
Approx. 16” tall by 16” wide 
Photo Credit: Alex Reyna (@areysocal)

This piece tells the story of the Hopi prophecy, which speaks of a time when the world is out of balance – when man no longer lives alongside the land, but instead destroys the land by using resources faster than they can be reproduced. A time in which we have become so  disconnected with what truly matters, that all connection with the spiritual world is lost to us.  This prophecy speaks of a group of people known as the Rainbow Warriors. These people will bring change and learning back to mankind, and in doing so, connect the people back to the earth and a way of living that will bring the world back into balance. This cow skull captures the essence of this prophecy, and the imagery that adorns the skull speaks to the story – showing a world out of balance on the left side of the skull flowing through to the right side, which shows the world after the Rainbow Warriors have corrected the imbalance. This piece is a fully functional recycler and stands about 16 inches tall when displayed. The horns on this piece are equally impressive, spanning roughly 16 inches. And the rainbow  headdress is removable, allowing the piece to go from a museum-quality work of art to a fully  functional rig ready for the headiest of seshes! The base is made by the laser wood artist  Jesse Johnson (@dupoluxstuff) and features replicas of Hopi hieroglyphics from Northern New Mexico. This piece is in the private collection of Calyx Containers corporate office museum in Allston, Massachusetts.

Spirit Animal #2  

Spirit “The Horse” 
June 2021 
Approx. 20” tall by 16” deep 
Alex Reyna (@areysocal)

Spirit is the second in the series, and she was born out of our mutual love for horses and our  respect for their impact on shaping the course of human history. The inspiration for Spirit’s decorative look comes from the Cheyenne people, who would decorate and parade their horses as their most cherished part of their family’s wealth. Spirit, as a work of glass, is meant to emulate the beauty, wealth and grace that the Cheyenne would show their horses – and to remind us of the continued importance of the horse in our spiritual journey in this world, always having respect for her strength and wisdom in allowing us to ride her. This piece is the tallest of the Spirit Animal series to date. It is also a functioning recycler, continuing on the tradition of matching both high-end artwork with high-quality functionality. This piece is owned by a private collector and can currently be viewed in the Torched Exhibit at the Flint Institute of Art in Flint, Michigan. 

Spirit Animal #3  

Scorpius “The Rock Lobster” 
April 2022 
Approx. 12” tall by 12” deep 
Darren Miller (@dmilldigital2

Scorpius was born from the imagination of Windstar’s then-8-year-old daughter (who is a  Scorpio). When we struggled with inspiration for an upcoming class, she suggested we make a scorpion in her honor – so we decided to run with the idea and dive deep into the world of  scorpions. Like our previous pieces, we did a lot of research to find the essence of this desert  arachnid. We were very impressed with and found a deep appreciation for this maternal  creature. Known for being the most motherly of all the arachnids and also the most fierce, it  was during the making of this scorpion that we discovered that each of these pieces had its  own unique spirit. This is when we realized that they were all part of the Spirit Animal series. Scorpius is an impressive piece and truly emulates all the mystery, power and energy of its name.  

This piece is a fully functioning recycler and stands 12 inches tall – but height is not the  most impressive part of this piece. Positioned at a 45-degree angle, it is poised to strike at the heart of any true functional aficionado and delivers a venomous hit. This piece is  currently available for viewing and purchase at the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, New York. 

Spirit Animal #4  

Sirius “The Dog Star Spirit of the North” 
May 2022 
Approx. 14” tall by 14” deep 
Alex Reyna (@areysocal)

Sirius was born in much the same way as his predecessors – through a lot of research and  searching. Wolves are incredibly intelligent animals, and in some cultures, they are seen as  teachers and guides. The wolf began to represent what man should have always been: a lover, a leader, a teacher, a caretaker – always reaching toward the greater good of the pack or his family, over that of himself. It also speaks to the importance of each wolf’s place within the pack and the role of good leadership and cooperation. With this piece, we strived to embody all of those characteristics. We also chose to spend the most time and energy we had ever put into any of our previous works on this one, truly giving it our best. After working for three straight weeks, we took Sirius to DFO in Portland, Oregon and finished it in competition. It follows our tradition and is a functional recycler, matching its predecessors in both high performance function and exquisite form. You can find this piece touring the country with either Windstar or Hicdogg, and it is currently available for purchase. Please contact the artists for inquiries.

windstarglass.bigcartel.com | etsy.com/shop/iBlewitGlass | @windstar_glass | @hicdogg

Photos by @areysocal

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