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Dawg Breath Juice Cart

If you’re into gas-driven profiles, this Dawg Breath Juice Cart is the one for you.

With the endless amount of mid-grade and budget cartridges out there, it’s no surprise that most connoisseurs will tell you: I don’t smoke carts. 

With very little exception, I subscribe to this mentality – having been burned one $50 cart too many to want to continue chancing it. Sometimes the oil is great, but the hardware is subpar and within a day or two of regular use, develops unenjoyable flavors that can be best described as “off.” Most of the time it’s just rather flavorless, mid to low-quality Cannabis oil derived from trim or smalls.

Anyone that knows Green Dawg knows that they’re fanatical about exceptional quality and taste, so when they fed me the same line – “I don’t smoke carts” – but followed it up with “but these are some of the tastiest we’ve ever tried,” I became immediately curious.

ColdFire Extracts is a Long Beach-based hydrocarbon processor with quite possibly the best-tasting cured resin-derived products I’ve ever come across. While also highly skilled in the art of fresh frozen extraction, their cured resin tech produces potent and full-flavored extracts that taste every bit as good as their fresh frozen counterparts – an incredibly rare feat.

If you’re into gas-driven profiles, this Dawg Breath Juice Cart is the one for you. Ripping this cart releases an expansive vapor packing an ensemble of flavors – ranging from fuel refinery to tire factory to garbage truck – all in the best way possible. Seriously, there is zero fruit or sweetness here, so if you’re all about strains that taste like cake or candy … move along. This is a cartridge for those who like their terps offensively loud and aggressively assertive.

The heavy-handed flavor is backed by equally heavy-handed effects, and it takes only a couple rips to produce a dab-level high – making it one of the most potent carts I’ve ever come across. All around, this juice slaps!

This article was originally published in the December 2021 issue of California Leaf.

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