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GG #4

A distinct diesel exhale mixing with the peppery tang of the inhale … simply divine.

GOOD’s GG #4 cart is so solid we would suggest that the owners of the company consider changing their name from GOOD to GREAT. With its 85.3% THC and 3.37% terpenes, this light, amber-colored cart will have you going B-A-N-A-N-A-S from the first draw.

Being big fans of concentrates, we were pumped when we saw the large mouthpiece on the GG #4 cart. Its size allowed for an easy draw that felt less constrained than the typical pin-hole tapered mouthpieces one usually finds on carts. We’re talking about a deep, full-bodied hit that left our tongues tingling from the spicy hints provided by the ample dose of the terpene, caryophyllene. Upon the exhale, we noted a distinct diesel flavor mixing with the peppery tang of the inhale. The combination was simply divine.

The high came on slowly and started with the sensation of the day’s problems slowly losing their grip on our minds. We could almost feel our worries oozing out of our skulls as we settled in to see where the high would take us. As the minutes passed, we felt the body high begin to creep in and gently compete with the head high – gently fighting back and forth as to which effect was going to relax us more. Too sedated to care, as far as we could tell it was a tie between the two.

With our worries chased away by the 800-pound gorilla stuffed into a 500-milligram cart, we were free to let our thoughts and conversation flow unimpeded. If oranges are orange, why are limes not called greens? If you smoke weed on a boat, does that make it seaweed? And if you clean a vacuum, do you become the vacuum cleaner? Hey, don’t judge us. We never said they were deep thoughts or conversations.

Testing: 85.3% THC | 3.37% Terps | Hybrid

This article was originally published in the May 2022 issue of Alaska Leaf.

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