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Ice Cream Cake

The full profile of the strain was beautifully expressed with each hit, confirming the power of live resin.

What do we talk about when we discuss vaporizing Cannabis?

For the most part, it’s taste. As the industry continues to refine and expand its methodology for extracting cannabinoids and terpenes from flower, consumers are continually tasked with weighing all of the elements in favor of concentrates (like value and potency) against the all-important metric of flavor. 

Case in point: Getting high is great, but no one wants it to come at the cost of ingesting some sickly-sweet, artificial tasting concoction, right? Fortunately, California cultivators and manufacturers Higher Vibrations have taken this message to heart, utilizing Powerhouse Distribution’s Cold Crop Technology certification in a new line of vaporizer cartridges. 

What the heck is Cold Crop Technology? Essentially, by freezing fresh Cannabis flower within 30 minutes of harvesting it, more of the plant’s terpene profile is preserved in the resulting oil. And this end result brings incredibly ripe, flavorful hits. 

For my sample, I took a few deep inhales of a cartridge derived from Ice Cream Cake. An indica-dominant cross combining Wedding Cake and Gelato #33, Ice Cream Cake is renowned for its notes of creamy sweetness and the occasional hint of pepper and citrus. 

The full profile of the strain was beautifully expressed with each hit, confirming the power of live resin to capture the essence of Cannabis flower.

The fact that these Higher Vibrations cartridges are strain-specific is another mark in their favor. While generic oils may appeal for some as a more cost-effective option, strain-specific vape cartridges are, by contrast, able to retain the specific cannabinoid profiles and true genetics of their origin flower. Made with no distillate or other additives, the end result is a natural palate of flavors packed into each puff. 

When one compares Higher Vibrations’ Ice Cream Cake oil against the market’s standard offerings, it’s hard not to envision a near future in which live resin has fully usurped the competition. The difference is just that remarkable.

This article was originally published in the December 2020 issue of California Leaf.

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