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Light gold and translucent, this concentrate comes complete with the same rich flavors and fine nuances as the flower.

Nogero’s products are a shining example of what a top-tier portable can be. For the last few years, vape products have felt like a glimpse into the future – an excellent idea hampered by cobbled together e-cig technology and nascent extraction techniques. Now, as the tech catches up with consumer demand, we’re beginning to see its full potential … full-flavored hits of extract, nearly as rich and effective as a dab vaporized by a fiddly bit of torch-warmed quartz. 

Just don’t call it a pen. Nogero uses the Maxx, a vape delivery device by Maximum Scientific. It uses a familiar, but proprietary, pod technology and variable voltage to deliver what they are calling Terp Temp Technology. Though the device has a thumb-friendly central button, it is simply there to adjust the voltage between the three temp settings. Inhalation activated, a light draw is all that is needed to kick the device into gear and deliver a thick and flavorful vapor cloud.

The crew at Nogero has made prudent moves in a market where it’s easier to toll-process extracts than it is to partner with good farms and provide an excellent product. Working with growers like ReUp and selecting cultivars grown with pride allows them to produce an extract of the highest quality – leaps and bounds beyond the oil that was filling carts in the not-so-distant past. The resulting oil is light gold and perfectly translucent, complete with the same rich flavors and fine nuances of the flower.

This is no surprise considering it’s coming directly out of their futuristic lab. The machines they are using for extraction are typically reserved for high-end perfume production. Their techs are making extracts a lot like the way a company such as Dior might process rose petals for next season’s perfume. Drawing out subtleties and compounds that other methods might miss. 

Everything about this experience feels dialed in and refined. The pod snaps in with a snug and satisfying magnetic click, while the device simultaneously replies with a tactile buzz to let you know it’s ready to go. It feels smooth and reliable. There’s no concern that this oil is going to leak in a pocket or that the battery will blink beggingly after an extended charge. Just when it seems our oft-promised vision of the future – the hoverboard – is likely a pipedream, Nogero one-ups that idea and brings the future to us with a high-tech vape the size of a key chain. 

This article was originally published in the May 2022 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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