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3 Peaches (Z-Cube x Peach Ringz)

from Helios Collective x FireFly Organics

Inhaling 3 Peaches is like hitting the ‘play’ button on a genre-defying playlist.

Two maestros of Cannabis cultivation, Helios Collective and FireFly Organics, have orchestrated a new duet with 3 Peaches – a blended hash rosin that’s a crescendo of flavor and experience. In the ever-evolving landscape of Cannabis, collaborations often spark innovation and when these two join forces, it’s not just a partnership … it’s a symphony of cultivation and extraction expertise. 

Their 3 Peaches blended hash rosin is the result of two masterpieces: Z-Cube and Peach Ringz, both originally bred by Dying Breed Seeds. The end result is a remarkable intersection of genetics. The Z-Cube strain, known for its pleasantly tranquil high, sharp candy flavors and aromatic complexity, finds a perfect counterpart in Peach Ringz – celebrated for its gassy, fruit-candy profile. Their blend plays out like a finely orchestrated tune, mingling the fruity-diesel notes from Peach Ringz with the petrol Zkittles notes exuding from Z-Cube. 

Helios Collective champions a sungrown, living soil technique that fully honors the resin’s intrinsic qualities. Meanwhile, FireFly’s dedication to indoor organic cultivation demonstrates an uncompromising commitment to excellence. Merged together, these two methods yield a hash rosin that unveils a complex array of characteristics unlike anything from its individual components.

Inhaling 3 Peaches is like hitting the ‘play’ button on a genre-defying playlist. You’re first gassed up with Zkittles that crescendo to a high note, immediately contrasted by the grounding, fruity-diesel chords. It’s an invitation to savor every note, every aroma – like listening to a timeless album from start to finish. 

When it comes to the effects, 3 Peaches sets the stage with an immediate uplift of mental clarity, similar to the opening chords of an iconic rock song. It’s neither frenetic nor sleepy; it’s locked in the groove, the sweet spot that keeps the audience enthralled. You’ll find yourself in a balanced state of relaxation and alertness that feels as harmonious and joyful as a well-executed live performance. Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado or a newcomer eager for new sensations, this blend is a hit track you’ll want to put on repeat.

@helioscollective | @fireflyorganics

This article was originally published in the October 2023 issue of Northeast Leaf.

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