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Banana MAC

from gLeaf

Loaded with THCa, the Banana MAC is the total package for medical patients, with an entourage of terpenes.

The Banana MAC cured sugar from gLeaf Cannabis is a wonderful homage to a unique breeding project. The strain, originally crossed with Banana Kush and Miracle Alien Cookies, was a project that set out to combine the sterling, trichome-yielding potential of the MAC line with something a bit more flavorful and fruity than the traditional earthy profile. To this day, Banana Kush is still one of the most popular banana cultivars available, and definitely an exquisite choice for crossing with the MAC line. 

The gLeaf team elected to create a cured sugar product with the Banana MAC, meaning that the end product has a more crystallized and grainy structure – not unlike traditional table sugar. But instead of being packed with sweet tastiness, these crystals are loaded with THCa and the total medicinal entourage of terpenes to boot. I personally enjoy the sugar consistency because it makes the concentrate far more versatile in its uses – it’s as easy to roll in a joint as it is to dab in a banger. 

Cracking open the jar reveals the crystally bit of magic inside, as the aroma of the profile jumps out and pulls you into its succulent depths. You can definitely smell the rich and earthy base that is so common in MAC varieties, but mixing some crystals around and allowing the sugar to rest reveals a depth of sweet fruit that morphs into the MAC scent to become something all its own. The nuanced fruit is definitely a tree fruit and smells like a creamy mixture of peaches and figs, layered over just a dollop of industrial cleaner and general earthiness. It’s like pulling into your grandparents’ driveway with their doors and windows open, airing out a freshly cleaned house with a delicious fruit cobbler cooling on the countertop.

The high is very bright and buoyant, but heavy in the body. It feels like a burst of mental energy that gets tempered by a dense and gelatinous barrier – no doubt due to its robust limonene dominance and heavy myrcene/caryophyllene temper. Together, these terps spin a very effective high for those in lots of physical pain. My body was able to rest while my mind plugged away at emails and reports, as the Banana MAC carried me comfortably through my day. 

This article was originally published in the May 2022 issue of Maryland Leaf.

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