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Blueberry Danish Live Resin Cake Badder

from Evermore

"The fruity and floral blend lingered on my palate long after each dab."

The dab connoisseurs of Evermore have blessed us once again, this time with their absolutely mouthwatering Blueberry Danish live resin cake badder. With 78.5% THCa and 9.6% total terpenes, this extract strikes a perfect balance between vigorous potency and robust flavor. 

When it comes to extract production, the rule of thumb is “fire in, fire out,” and with regard to Evermore’s dabs, we can always expect some fire flower going into their extraction process. In this case we have a beautiful cross of their top tier Blueberry Muffins cultivar crossed with their infamous Cheshire MAC, resulting in the illustrious and vibrant Blueberry Danish!

As far as terpene profiles go, this is about as pristine of an indica as they come. Myrcene dominates the profile at 3%, placing it firmly on the heavier side of the spectrum, but I wouldn’t say this dab is a couch-locker. Rather, it is the best kind of “functionally sluggish” one can experience. The myrcene causes a huge wave of pain relief and muscle relaxation, but the 1.9% limonene, 1.3% linalool and 1.2% caryophyllene temper round out the top of the profile with a lulling, calm and upbeat mood.

The nose is packed with succulent fruit aromas wafting around floral, hoppy notes that immediately get the salivary glands flowing. The initial puff is all fruit on the inhale, with notes of mango, berry and citrus forming a smoothie of flavor that is sharply penetrated with a spicy note of lavender and hops on the backend of each exhale. As I sank deeper and deeper into my high, the world around me thickened and I had to push through the soup of reality with kaleidoscopic flavor cycles circulating through my respiratory system. The fruity and floral blend lingered on my palate long after each dab, leaving me smacking my lips like a happy baby long after my lungs cleared.

The Blueberry Danish effect is a cocoon of anxiolytic pain relief, creating the sensation of moving through a viscous medium, slowly and methodically, but never stopping. I found this to be excellent for my bones, joints and mental health – even bringing quite an amazing sensation of altered reality. Complete with tantalizing flavor and effect, this Blueberry Danish is something worth savoring. 

Web: evermorecompany.com | @evermorebrands

This article was originally published in the March 2021 issue of Maryland Leaf.

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