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Bluniverse Live Resin Sugar

from Cresco Labs

"Chunks of crystal coalesce with a golden sauce, making this concentrate one that can be smelled across the house."

May 2021’s featured concentrate is a pungent live resin sugar that comes out of Cresco Labs, earning its place by bringing one of the more unique flavor profiles found in the Maryland scene. Bluniverse is an interesting cross between Blue Magoo and Ms. Universe, resulting in this live resin sugar that is an absolutely mouth-watering and luscious dab. 

Healthy sized chunks of crystal coalesce with a beautiful golden sauce, making this concentrate one that can be smelled across the entire house (I know because my wife upstairs asked me what I was smoking when I had only just opened the jar). The aroma is piquant and complex with notes of glue and berry fruits, and overwhelmingly reminiscent of hard candy and bubblegum. Truly, it smells like cherry apple Jolly Ranchers were crushed and chewed into a couple sticks of bubblegum, and then lightly coated in a delicate chemical adhesive. 

Low temp dabs reveal the fruitiness of the bubblegum flavor in bursts. Imagine if you will, a candy factory – full of the concentrated candy flavors in tubes ready to be mixed and matched into fun combinations. If you took some of the concentrated cherry, a little bit of apple and a smidge of pineapple, then injected that into a fresh batch of cotton candy flavored bubblegum – you would get the terpene burst that initially hits your palate on the inhale. The exhale is where the sharper adhesive notes round out the dab, and almost lock in and seal the initial candy flavor. 

One dab had my body relaxed and my joints loosened up enough to go about my day with only a slight sense of sluggish fog. I would put the effects on the indica-hybrid spectrum – a few more dabs scattered throughout my day really maintained a slow and steady pace that allowed me to de-stress but still maintain productivity, albeit not my most productive pace. The large dollop of myrcene tempered by a healthy distribution of the other major terpenes places the high on the calming and pain relieving side of the spectrum, creating a “take it easy, stop and smell the flowers” kind of high.



81.6% thca

6.22% total terps

2.57% myrcene

.79% ocimene

.5% caryophyllene

.5% pinene

.36% linalool

.31% limonene

This article was originally published in the May 2021 issue of Maryland Leaf.

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