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Coffee & Cannabis: Banana Puddintain & Honey Latte

Banana Puddintain, a new strain from Washington-based pot purveyors Skörd, pairs nicely with a honey latte.

One of the best parts about being a frequent (read: all day) Cannabis enjoyer is that there seems to never be a lack of new things to try. With the proliferation of indoor grows, there is not really a harvest season like there used to be and as such, there are always unfamiliar and interesting crosses and products hitting the shelves. One company that does this particularly well is Skörd, located just a short way north of Portland in Vancouver, Washington. With an expertly coordinated and publicly available “drop” schedule, fans of the brand can always be on the lookout for hot, contemporary strains fresh from the curing room. One of their latest offerings, Banana Puddintain, presents a unique cross ideally suited for the current Cannabis market and, conveniently, it pairs excellently with a honey latte. 

If the classic combination of honey and bananas wasn’t justification enough for this pairing, there’s also the fact that honey lattes, like weed strains, experience a somewhat dynamic experiential existence. It should be pointed out that honey is one of the most varying and diverse sweeteners available. Unlike caramel or raw sugar which are generally consistent from cafe to cafe, honey changes based upon the pollen with which it is produced. Clover, wildflower, blackberry – these are all common bases for honey and each provides a slightly different flavor. So, while a honey latte can be a great way to enjoy coffee with a more natural form of sweetener, the tasting notes also slightly fluctuate and provide for a “regular” drink that doesn’t get stagnant or boring after dozens of recurring orders.

Meanwhile, beautifully manicured and exceptionally presented with a very aesthetically pleasing and easy to decipher packaging, Banana Puddintain begs to be smoked before you’ve even asked for the budtender’s opinion. A cross of Banana OG and GMO/TK Skunk, the aromas emanating from this Cannabis are grassy, with all the banana undertones that one would expect. When sparked up, the flavors are robust and complex, but still offer some backend fruity sweetness. Although Banana Puddintain is labeled as an indica leaning hybrid, the high can be chatty, confidence inducing and quite “loud,” especially in larger quantities. Not that you necessarily need to smoke a ton in one sitting – one bowl definitely gets you close to where you want to be. 

Banana Puddintain and a honey latte make for an excellent mid-afternoon session. Activities that pair nicely with this coffee and Cannabis combo include exploring a new playlist, hitting a beach party, practicing your golf or tennis swing, or texting some people you may have neglected during the pandemic to reconnect now that things are lightening up a bit. If you’re looking for a more interesting “dessert-style” strain, look no further than Skörd’s Banana Puddintain as the treat you’re searching for this summer. And make sure to keep an eye out for those drops – their products tend to run out quickly. 

Visit: iskord.com

This article was originally published in the June 2021 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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