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Deadband #7 Live Resin Cake Badder

A heady hit, perfect for old and new heads alike.

Evermore Cannabis Company is back at it again with this premium example of Concentrate of the Month, Deadband #7. As we continue to comb Maryland dispensaries for the highest quality products we can find, Evermore consistently finds itself in our crosshairs. In this case, we revisit their live resin cake badder line – famously extravagant and flavorful top-shelf badders, made in-house from either their most successful cultivars, or from their newer breeding projects.

Golden, silky and creamy are the visual hallmarks of a top-shelf badder, and the Deadband #7 is just that – engulfing the room with aromatic vigor and olfactory fortitude, as well as captivating the visual senses. As visually stunning as it is aromatically satisfying, the Deadband #7 promised to be a connoisseur experience long before I ever set oil to quartz. 

Deadband #7 is Evermore’s seventh phenotype cut of the illustrious Headband x Skunk #1 cross from Dominion Seed Company. This fragrant and delicately golden, creamy dollop of Cannabis excellence truly warms the heart and tranquilizes the rest of your anatomy with its workhorse of a terpene profile. Heavy on the myrcene, this dab is tempered by a delicious array of limonene, caryophyllene, and linalool, which help spin this dab into the heavier side of the effect spectrum. Myrcene, caryophyllene and linalool is my favorite sedative terpene combination, but having the brightness of the limonene prevents a total couch fog – evening out into the perfectly mellow effect that I truly adore.

The aroma has an effervescent earthy and piney overtone that is underscored by light, funky, fruity notes. One of the things that makes the Skunk #1 a special genetic to work with and what ultimately gave it its name, is the strain’s unique ability to uptake and store higher concentrations of sulfur. It’s those sulfur deposits that give out the true skunky odor that old heads crave, but sometimes rubs the newer Cannabis consumer the wrong way. This Deadband doesn’t retain the skunky funk, but the forest-y, earthy funk is absolutely present and accounted for. Behind that are layers of berry fruits that are hard to discern at first, but really shine on the exhale of your first low temp dab with cherry-esque flavors. 

The Deadband #7 is a heady hit, perfect for old and new heads alike. I stress the importance of a low temp dab if you choose to give this badder a try, as there are layers of nuance to explore that you don’t want to accidentally burn away. Remember the connoisseur mantra for dabbing: You gotta waste it to taste it!

This article was originally published in the September 2021 issue of Maryland Leaf.

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