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Durban Poison Live Resin

from GOOD Alaska

Earthy and spicy notes ooze into a sugary-orange-kush as the oil slowly emerges from the applicator.

Shouting “Get me to the Dablicator” in your best Arnold Schwarzenegger impression will definitely turn heads at any dispensary, as well as initiate the delivery of precision-dosed dabs that will blast you into space like a missile shot from Skynet.

Using technology to make dabbing better is a lot safer than the concept behind “Terminator” – where the robots were supposed to help humanity and not go ‘super apocalypse’ on everyone. Luckily weed makes everyone more chill, including humanoid robots, which might explain why there was no “Terminator 4” with Arnold involved. As Governor of California at that time, he had to be smoking the good stuff. Why play a superhuman when as governor you are actually in control of the state that invented the concept of medical Cannabis?

Thankfully, the technology behind the Dablicator is both genius and non-sentient, putting the dabber in control when it comes to dosing the perfect glob. The applicator looks like a fancy, metal-tipped pen filled with delicious golden oil, and it acts like one with each twist of the clicker on the bottom – where one click pushes a small amount of oil out of the tip (safe to touch to a banger or dab rig), depositing the dab without any mess or additional tools. 

As an all-in-one container, the Dablicator acts as a perfect tool and dab holder – releasing delicious oil precisely for the perfect dab. The Durban Poison hails from South Africa and is a true sativa, with earthy and spicy notes that ooze into a sugary-orange-kush as the oil slowly emerges from the applicator. First inhales from a low-temp dab are bright and syrupy and tingle the palate, before exhaling with a kiss of skunky funk that adds a great dynamic to this high-terpene concentrate. 

Effects hit the mind first, with a warming cerebral buzz that feels like putting on a hat with the spinning propeller on top. With the mind slowing while thoughts go whimsical, the body high creeps in within a few minutes and is amplified by a second dab – loosening joints and muscles as a sativa-fueled energy takes over. Perfect for spring cleaning or outdoor adventures, the terpy Durban Poison in the Dablicator is easy to slip into a backpack or pocket, ensuring that wherever the sativa buzz takes you … there will be more dabs ready at the destination.

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This article was originally published in the April 2023 issue of Alaska Leaf.

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