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GMO Rosin

from Ripple Wellness

The flavor is potent and tastes as complex as a three-course meal.

Whenever I visit Maine, I’m always interested in dropping by exciting local Cannabis cultivators, dispensaries and businesses. The state is on the cutting edge of all things weed-related. And, thanks to the freedom created by progressive legislation, many innovative products and techniques have been brought into existence here.

Ripple Wellness, established by Tyler Crespo and his family in Saco, Maine, is a high-tech Cannabis crafter with a deep understanding of every aspect of cultivation. For over a decade, Ripple has been curating an impressive genetic portfolio and bringing a vision to life. Currently open by office appointment only, this establishment is gearing up to bring innovative and high-quality products to the market. 

I really loved the vibe of this place. It was much more like a patient-to-caregiver relationship handled by Crespo and his small team from start to finish. 

Ripple’s GMO hash oil benefits from the ice-water extraction process, which begins with making bubble hash that is eventually refined and pressed into rosin. Preserving the terpenes and trichome quality at the beginning of the process is incredibly important, so each batch is immediately “fresh-frozen” in a deep freezer, then washed in 20-gallon machines along with ice water, eventually producing the bubble. This process has really become standard practice in rosin making. However, the amount of detailed care required for these tasks shouldn’t be underestimated. 

The final product is an impressive, saucy and fragrant rosin that leaves no doubt as to why GMO Cookies is an extremely popular strain. Derived from a cross of Chemdog x GSC, this is single-source live rosin – meaning that Ripple sourced the genetics, grew the flower and pressed the hash – so you know exactly where the final product came from. This one is extra terpy with a really viscous layer, resembling caramel on top of flan. Crespo explains that this is his “high terpene full spectrum live rosin,” and we can see exactly what he means. 

The flavor is potent and tastes as complex as a three-course meal. Initially smelling of musty blood orange, the nose eventually morphs into an earthy pine scent. With the first dab, the skunk hits you immediately and creates a tinge in the nostrils. It finishes earthy with a subtle spice that gives a pleasant aftertaste. Invigorating and enjoyable, this GMO rosin creates a great body high that can put you in a wonderful mood. 

Ripple surely has a passion for producing the highest-quality solventless concentrates possible – and the GMO rosin truly shines as a single-source triumph.

Visit ripple-wellness.com to find a location near you!

This article was originally published in the December 2022 issue of Northeast Leaf.

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