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Golden Goat

from AK Frost

A super sticky live resin with a beautiful golden hue.

It takes an army to craft an award-winning concentrate, but that’s exactly what the crew at AK Frost did. Named the 2020 Best Sativa Concentrate at the Great Alaskan Cannabis Bowl, Golden Goat marries the cultivation expertise of Isidore, LLC and the manufacturing genius of AK Rime.

A super sticky live resin with a beautiful golden hue, Golden Goat leaves heavy notes of pine and gas on your fingertips. The diamonds quickly melted in our dab rig, releasing a pleasant lemony fragrance. The smoke was equally fragrant and is best described as a delicate combination of sweet, sour and spicy. And with the touch of lemon lurking in the background, the inhale had a distinctive bite that might be a bit rough for the unseasoned concentrate consumer.

The effects took hold almost instantaneously and continued to build over the next 30 minutes. What started as an energetic body high switched to a massive cerebral buzz that was borderline disorienting. You know the drill: walking back and forth from the kitchen multiple times and always forgetting what you went there for. And then repeating the process several more times, just for good measure.

You definitely won’t be able to complete any tasks requiring a focused mind for a few hours after even a tiny toke. However, it’s a great time to do some sketching, painting, pottery, freewriting or making the world’s most incredible sandwich – as creativity is set ablaze with this resin. An energy boost this potent could even compel you to craft that killer sandwich, before painting it in the style of Picasso. Really, the possibilities are endless.  

This article was originally published in the February 2022 issue of Alaska Leaf.

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