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Gondola Wish Live Rosin

from Beezle Extracts

A heavy gas burner that is almost reminiscent of a tire fire.

A relative newcomer to the Maryland scene, Beezle has established itself as one of the premier concentrate producers in our state. Gondola Wish live rosin is the perfect dab to highlight their prowess as we continue to be blessed by their enticing assortment of concentrated goodness. Any company that puts the time, money and energy into producing a live rosin product is cool in my book, but with Beezle you can see them go above and beyond with their meticulous and pristine products. 

Gondola Wish is an immaculate pale-gold oil, perfectly pressed and preserved, and absolutely bursting with a rubbery, diesel profile. In the spirit of the golden rule of extraction – fire in, fire out – we must acknowledge Curio’s contribution to the Beezle product, as they are responsible for not only cultivating the Gondola Wish flower, but also breeding it. As an in-house breeding project, this cultivar is part of a genetic series built on the infamous MK-Ultra strain. In this case, Curio crossed MK-Ultra with Raven to produce Gondola Wish – along with several other varieties built off the classic cultivar. 

The ability to make a selection for rosin is itself an impressive task. The nuances of oil production, trichome type, strong/weak notes, yield potential, etc. makes just finding good rosin genetics a difficult task – let alone preserving that selection through a press and into a customer’s rig. Beezle has excelled at both of these … and boy are we excited that they did. 

The Gondola Wish is a heavy gas burner that is almost reminiscent of a tire fire, but with notable sweetness that smoothes out the edges of a sharp gasoline smell. As one dabs the oil, that heavy gas overtone gives way to a more delicate, lighter fluid-esque note with floral and sweet dollops throughout the experience.

Beezle always takes us on a journey of flavor with their concentrates, and this Gondola Wish leaves us drowning in a puddle of powerful petrol. Whether you prefer a smooth and clean dab, a joint with a bit of oil, or a dollop directly on your bowl – taking a ride on this rosin is sure to be memorable. 

beezlebrands.com | curiowellness.com | @beezlebrands_md

This article was originally published in the January 2024 issue of Maryland Leaf.

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