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Gorilla Mac Live Rosin

from Hazy Hill Farm

A cross of expertly grown Miracle Alien Cookies x Gorilla Glue, this live rosin delivers a relaxing and euphoric high.

What better way to chill out during the winter months than by sampling the top concentrate recommendation of the budtenders at Hazy Hill Farms in Portland, Maine?

Hazy Hill Farms recently placed first in the High95 Cup for their indoor Devilz Cake in-house strain, and as the best extract artists know, it takes exceptional flowers to make great live rosin. The team at Hazy Hill grows, washes and presses their own product – making them one of the few single-source Cannabis extraction companies in Maine. Three out of four of the budtenders I spoke to chose their Gorilla Mac cold cure live rosin as their personal favorite, so I knew I had to try it. 

Gorilla Mac is a cross of Miracle Alien Cookies x Gorilla Glue – two old favorites known to many as super terpy and potent specimens. Upon opening the container, I was greeted with a sweet citrus scent and a beautiful amber rosin that broke up easily using a dab tool.   

A couple rounds of small, low-temperature, cold start hits tasted of citrusy diesel fuel and something else I just couldn’t seem to put my finger on. Then it came to me: It reminded me of the flavor of the “pith” – or the white stringy part between an orange’s juicy sections and the outer skin. I found it both enjoyable, flavorful and relaxing to smoke in small amounts as the day went on, providing me a high that was both satisfying and happy while also helping soothe my back pains. 

When I started doing the heavier part of the test near the end of the day – finishing up the gram – I found myself in full-fledged euphoric stoner mode. What a way to embrace the wintry vibes, lounging and watching a movie with no plans of driving anywhere. I would recommend picking up some of this live rosin and sharing it with some friends over video games, or going for a hike and enjoying the great outdoors.

This article was originally published in the February 2022 issue of Northeast Leaf.

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