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Grape Gas Rosin

from Cryotrichome Labs

When the hash is this good, you know the input material must have been the real deal.

Grape Gas has been the foundation of some of Compound Genetics’ most significant new crosses over the last year and our experiences with Cryotrichome’s rosin version certainly lived up to the enthusiasm. 

While much of the solventless market is flooded with similar terpene profiles backboned by Papaya and GMO crosses (because of their commercial viability), it’s easy to tell you’re dealing with something special when you crack open a jar of Grape Gas. The pairing of Grape Pie and Jet Fuel Gelato hits many different notes in the aroma, all merging to create something undoubtedly unique. 

The first thing you’ll likely be able to pick up is a pinch of the nose that made GDP and Mendo Purps all the rage in the mid to late 2000s in Northern California. While never quite as dominant a terpene profile in the L.A. marketplace, people certainly appreciated it when switching up from OG Kush to well-done purples (which tend to be some of the heavier hitters to this day). The Gelato terps pair well with the Purp’s grape notes, creating a weird sensation that almost tickles your nostrils the same way mint does.

“Not many people have these kinds of terps right now,” Cryotrichome Founder Skyler Schrein told the Leaf, noting he finds it similar to a breakfast pastry. You can understand that argument a lot more once you taste the flavor, as all the differences you can pick out in the aroma merge into something that leans a bit to the sweeter side. Given that one of the most telling signs of any great hash is the aftertaste on the exhale, this flavor shines as it carries all the way through in that check-all-the-boxes kind of way. 

Schrein told us the candy terps are a direct result of cultivation quality, explaining that the farmer (who usually white labels product to companies that don’t produce their own flower) has been developing his organic soil technique for over 15 years in San Luis Obispo. That level of experience is believable: When the hash is this good, you know the input material must have been the real deal.

As for the effect, don’t let the sweeter-than-average terps fool you. While some would argue that all dabs are for sitting and chilling out, the Grape Gas definitely leans towards the full-bodied side more so than the cerebral. While it’s functional, Grape Gas is more for relaxing – so if you choose to take a fat rip and head out into the world, be prepared for a stoney pace to your day.

This article was originally published in the May 2022 issue of California Leaf.

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