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Grape Lime Ricky Baller Jar

I had to remind myself that I couldn't just sit around and take dabs all day

MPX Extracts and their rendition of Grape Lime Ricky live resin batter is everything I want to see from a concentrate. The coloration and texture of this luscious oil reveals the true skill of the laborers in the lab, as they consistently churn out the fine quality points in their top shelf dab selections. As the saying goes, fire in, fire out – so there is of course credit to be given to the cultivators – but it was MPX who was able to capture the essence of this delicate cultivar and elevate it.

Grape Lime Ricky is the progeny of a cross between Purple Urkle and Jack the Ripper, and produces one of my favorite terpene profiles out there. The top notes of myrcene, terpinolene, pinene and ocimene really blend together to create an aroma and effect unlike anything else. It smells like Sprite that’s been churned into gasoline. Sharply subtle lemon lime notes dominate the top of the nose, followed by floral undertones reminiscent of orchids and meadow flowers. All in all, absolutely gorgeous.

The myrcene followed closely by terpinolene and pinene creates a heavy, heady high that is both bright and creative. I find terpinolene to energize my mind and stimulate thought, while pinene really sharpens the edges of a high – together synergizing in a tremendous manner and bringing a stoniness that doesn’t overpower the newfound creativity. I had a really hard time not dabbing the entire jar throughout the day, because I found it to be such a stimulating and euphoric headspace. Literally, I had to remind myself that I couldn’t just sit around and take dabs all day!

Consistency is the hallmark of any good Cannabis operator, and MPX is on point. Be it in a lab or in a grow, their team puts out that consistent fire. Maryland medical patients across the board will benefit from the luscious Grape Lime Ricky live resin batter, so go find yourself some of that lemon lime gas – who knew medicine could be so tasty?

This article was originally published in the November 2021 issue of Maryland Leaf.

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