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Hell’s Bells Live Rosin Jam

from Highland Provisions

Boasting a unique fruity and gassy aroma, this live rosin packs a punch while offering a relaxing, heady high.

Highland Provisions uses different finishing techniques to refine the texture and style of their hash, and for this month’s installment of Concentrate of the Month we’re digging into a jar of their live rosin jam – produced by separating trichomes from the plant with water, ice and a little agitation. After removing the excess moisture, it’s squished through a specific micron screen with pressure and a little heat. The resulting hash is then left sealed in a jar to develop a more complex concentrate, often over a very low temp. With a little time and luck, this process incorporates the terpenes throughout the rosin – leaving us with a luscious texture and a mouthwatering aroma that fills the space any time the jar is opened.

We chose to get dabbing on Highland’s Hell’s Bells. Based out of Amsterdam, Devil’s Harvest created this cultivar when a closely held Kuchi male pollinated a particularly aromatic Strawberry Sour Diesel. The result was a fast finisher with a loud nose and excellent trichome coverage. Though some expressions of this flower tend to lean toward a sharp, pine-forward profile, this hash has unique gas and fruit notes that kept us coming back for more.

Packed into a childproof but easy-to-open calyx jar, the rosin was spread thin and covered the bottom of the container. With a texture of thick honey, consider handling this one carefully … or end up scraping half a gram from the inside of the lid. Though you could work with nearly any dab tool, with this consistency, a scoop or spoon is going to be your best bet. 

Removing a dab from the jar leaves a syrupy trail in its wake, while the oil melts and vaporizes instantly on a 500-degree quartz nail – filling the room with a buzzy scent. The classic OG profile catches my attention first and then muted smells of fruit and garden herbs. Strawberries and sage notes mingle with notes of a pristine PNW forest to create a very clean, classic aroma – familiar and inviting with a hint of fresh-cut fruit.

After a few small dabs, my eyes relax and my breath expands. Time doesn’t come to a stop, but it slows enough to completely change the tempo of the situation. Anxiety melts away, as well as any thought that I would tackle the rest of my to-do list. Though functional, I really enjoyed Hell’s Bells’ ability to shift my headspace into something more calm and relaxed. If you’re stuck in work mode, this is the jar to reach for when you need to transition to sweatpants.

This article was originally published in the February 2022 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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