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Horchata Cured Resin Batter

from Melting Point Extracts

Creamy yet crystalized, MPX's Horchata is a delicious heavy hitter that will leave you high, happy and pain free!

MPX has come out with a delicious dab for your summer delight. Horchata cured resin batter is a creamy and succulent choice for the headiest times of day – overwhelmingly dominant in myrcene, this batter truly helps one’s mind sink into the heavy seas of the season. Whether you need help sleeping, are dealing with chronic pain, or just need to slow the world down to enjoy the moment, MPX’s Horchata cured resin batter is the choice for you. 

The golden batter is the perfect consistency – creamy to a point, but interwoven with a crystalized goodness which creates a texture that is relatively challenging to work with, but oh so packed with flavor. Batters in general balance the power of crystalized resin with looser, creamy oil to form an excellent viscosity that many heady individuals prefer. When you take the batter-making process and apply it to the delicious Horchata strain that MPX has selected, you get a wonderfully powerful dab that will rock your summer.

There is an unctuous and creamy note of funk on top of fuel that mixes together with spices and vanilla, ultimately creating this dab’s namesake. There is such a plethora of terpenes present that it’s easy to see how it could be named after such a complex, blended beverage. Notes of all kinds of spices cycle through funky and fuel notes, commingling into a sense of creamy wonderment that tickles the senses. The dab itself is quite smooth, with an even bubble in the banger that dances with every pull.

The first second after you inhale, the Horchata batter coats your entire palate with rich and luscious flavor notes, before blasting you with immediately heady effects. It is rare for a dab to take effect so quickly – but the Horchata’s magic was instantaneous, providing relief the very moment I needed it. 

I hope your summer is going well and your symptoms are managed, but if you’re looking for a potent boost to your Cannabis regimen, you should absolutely give MPX’s Horchata cured resin batter a try. I know that after I spent a long day working in the scorching sun, this dab was the single-most perfect way to unwind. 

meltingpointextracts.com | @mpx_us

This article was originally published in the August 2022 issue of Maryland Leaf.

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