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Huckleberry Spacequeen Hash Rosin

from Upward Organics

Tantalizing sweet blackberry, apple and pear ice cream terps.

The Huckleberry Spacequeen hash rosin from Upward Organics in Maine takes intrepid hash explorers on an uplifting experience – leaving them positively energized with what this spaceman can only describe as a sense of cosmic clarity. 

What makes this hash rosin truly out-of-this-world is not just the lip-smacking terps but the powerful effects, in part shaped by the innovative cultivation practices of Upward Organics.

“No humans involved, no propane or oil or inefficient electric heat systems. Just planning and three big fans,” said Owner Nate Burdick.

By harnessing the power of the sun and attempting to do more with less, this fully solar-powered, organic farming operation has been growing some fire flowers for years but only recently got into the hash game. With just sun, wind and greenhouse protection, they have been able to cultivate some great flowers – leading to otherworldly hash expressions in both taste and effect. 

One of their staple strains is Huckleberry Spacequeen. This pale, washed-out, light champagne colored hash rosin had me coming back for seconds with tantalizing sweet blackberry, apple and pear ice cream terps. With a genetic lineage boasting a Cinderella 99 parent, HSQ blasts off with a powerful rush of energy and immediate sense of focus. Tapping into creativity feels effortless and eventually the high settles warmly into the body without weighing you down. 

But the question remains: How on Earth did Upward Organics get their hands on such an alien-like cut?

“We received the cut from our teacher, Jedi Ganja Warrior. Like all of his other work, the HSQ was a superstar,” Burdick tells me. “Resilient and insanely resinous. Almost too resinous to grow outdoors, so we decided to run it in our greenhouse. This particular greenhouse is special because it has a climate battery – aka ground-to-air heat transfer system, or “gaht” installed underneath. This system pushes warm air underground during the day, warming or charging the soil (battery), and cooling the air. Then at night when temps drop, the fans turn on again, this time pushing cold air underground and the heat of the soil then warms the air in the greenhouse. HSQ has been flourishing with no added help.”  

Incredibly, this hands-off approach leads to a wonderfully unique blend that can transform an ordinary day into an extraordinary adventure – unlocking your imagination to explore beyond the confines of Earth. Beyond the mouth-watering terps, Huckleberry Spacequeen is a perfect daytime dabbing experience for humans (definitely not aliens) looking for energy, creativity, focus, ADHD symptom relief and/or a mood boost. Don’t sleep on this shining star! 

upwardorganics.com | @upwardorganics

This article was originally published in the March 2024 issue of Northeast Leaf.

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