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Laughing Buddha Bubble Hash Temple Ball

from Leaf Labs

This old-school hash made from a sativa-dominant Cannabis Cup winning strain did not disappoint.

I’m always on the prowl for some good old-school hash, and the Laughing Buddha bubble hash temple balls by Leaf Labs didn’t disappoint. Laughing Buddha was a very popular strain back in the day, providing that giggly, laugh-out-loud stoner buzz. A 75% sativa/25% indica strain, Laughing Buddha was bred by Barney’s Farm in Amsterdam using pure landrace Thai sativa crossed with a Jamaican hybrid, winning a Cannabis Cup in 2003. 

Dylan Turner of Leaf Labs is a small-batch organic Cannabis producer who focuses on growing premium craft flower first. He grows in a soil and coco mix using only natural nutrients and emphasizes that the quality of the hash is only as good as the flower it’s made from.  

I asked Dylan why they make hash balls, as not many Cannabis companies make old-school hash like this these days. He smiled and explained how he watched and studied the late, great Frenchy Cannoli’s hash-making techniques and his “Lost Art of Temple Ball Hash Making” – ultimately so inspired that he started to make them himself. 

Opening the beautifully shaped jar with a twist, the ball was hard with the cool spring temperature. Breaking out my pocket knife, I sliced the ball in half and started breaking it into smaller pieces, which became more pliable like clay with the warmth of my fingertips. A slight hashy, yet unique aromatic fragrance tickled my nose as I smelled the warmed pieces and put a nice-sized chunk into my soapstone pipe. The flavor was refreshingly enjoyable – full-flavored as hash often is – with a hint of woody herbal spice and a pineapple-tang citrusy twist. 

My back was sore and my stress level was off the charts, but a bowl of this hash seemed to lift both off my shoulders. I found myself relaxed and in a completely blissful, giggly high by the end of the bowl. I spent the evening enjoying sitting back with a book, while a deep and euphoric relaxation soothed my body. 

If you’re into old-school hash, you need to try some of this. Laughing Buddha is great for anxiety, chronic pain or just lifting your spirits. I highly recommend sharing this with your friends and be ready to giggle, laugh and be talkative! This is what small-batch organic craft Cannabis and great hash temple balls are all about. 

You can find Laughing Buddha Temple Balls by Leaf Labs in Quality Medical Dispensaries of Southern Maine. 

This article was originally published in the May 2022 issue of Northeast Leaf.

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